In the recent past, workers had no voice against their employers. On many occasions, whistleblowers got victimized causing fear among workers, injuries at workplace went uncompensated, and the minimum wages went below the mere limit for survival in both formal and informal sectors. However, workers compensation laws came to place in the 20th century which has helped revolutionize the workplace over the years.  In case you are involved in an accident at the workplace follow the process below,

Get medical attention immediately

It is necessary to seek medical help before filling in a claim form no matter how minor it could be so as to avoid health complications and have the medical reports to prove the occurrence of the injury to your employer. Some employers may recommend a specific specialist for their employees; however, you can ask to seek a second opinion if not amused by the first.

Alert your employer

Secondly, notify your employer of the injury as soon as possible- before the deadline of reporting the claim which could vary in different fields and states. Usually, it is a formal writing of the situation. You may consider notifying them verbally and follow up with writing in case of emergencies just to make them aware of the situation. Later on, fill in a claim form as specified. Among the items on the form is the body part injured, date and location of the accident, parties involved and treatment acquired. On to that, you can get a claim form from your worker’s board just in case it is not available in your workplace.

Worker’s comp process

It is the duty of your employer to record and negotiate with the insurer on your compensation after the receipt of the claim form. The employer should notify you whether your claim was accepted and the amount settled upon. This part is enforced by law; the employer could face fines and legal consequences if they fail to comply.

The Follow-up

Despite the fact that most of the worker’s duty terminate after filing the claim form. They are bound to do follow up on the whole process, keep any documentation safe for future reference on the situation. More so, consider safe-keeping any receipts on personal payments incurred on the same to cumulatively help tally your settlement.

It is the duty of every worker to be diligent at workplaces, protect themselves by wearing the necessary protective gear and report any misconduct in the compensations process. Always consider consulting a worker compensation Attorney Denver for advisory and legal processes at the workplace.