Muscle wasting is defined as weakening, atrophy, and loss of muscle rigidity caused by illness, disorders, disease and even lack of use. With muscle wasting, the muscle loses the ability for control. The common muscle group affected by this is no other than the skeletal muscles.
One of the topics that never got that much attention is the muscle wasting that occurs in the vaginal area. This is because women are not really open to talking about it because of embarrassment. The most common cause of muscle wasting in this part of the body is due to childbirth and old age. Although this can be prevented by kegel’s exercise most women don’t really know much about Kegel’s that is why they never developed the habit in doing it.

Here’s the worst part: It’s not until they experience lack of control in this part of the body that they become worried. Stress Urinary Incontinence is the result of the involuntary passing of urine that is due to the weakened vaginal muscle. The common ways that these occur are when women sneeze, cough, biking, running, lifting and any activity that utilizes the abdominal muscle that pushes some urine out. Normally the urethra is controlled to prevent this involuntary passage, but because muscle wasting occurs, this never happens.

The laser treatment of use: This is where vaginal tightening laser-treatment  or laser vaginal rejuvenation comes in the picture. Basically, it utilizes laser technology to tighten the vaginal area to help with sexual gratification and urinary incontinence. It’s a non-invasive procedure, meaning the risks of this procedure is very minimal since there is no break in the skin when this procedure is performed. It’s a very fast procedure too that will not take a day to finish.

It has lesser risk: Because there is no break in the skin, the procedure is very safe and fast. It’s painless, no bleeding and very simple. The reason why non-invasive procedures are safer is because there’s no break in the skin. If there’s no break in the skin, there are lesser chances of bleeding and infection that will happen during and after a procedure. Plus, the effects are instantaneous and doesn’t need a recuperation period because there are no incisions involved.

Muscle wasting in the vaginal area is a common problem with women that experienced childbirth and old age that causes stress urinary incontinence. It’s a problem that has not always been treated because most women are embarrassed about it. This has always been addressed by Kegels exercise but because of the lack of knowledge about this exercise that women never made it a habit. The good thing is that there is still a cure, it’s in the treatment called vaginal tightening laser-treatment. This aims to tighten the vaginal area in order to a provide solution for this problem. It helps with sexual performance and urinary incontinence. If this is left untreated it will progress to further loss of vaginal muscle control and integrity.