According to statistics, more than 70 percent of customers are usually placed on-hold for an average of 44 seconds. During this period, a generic music will be played in the background to keep your client entertained. On the other hand, if you are brilliant enough, you can take advantage of this duration to pass an informative message regarding your company’s services and products. To do so, you can make use of on hold messages, which should be professionally produced to enhance your customer’s experience. There are four critical reasons why you should consider on hold messaging services:


  • To keep your Customer on the Line
    Just like a TV ad jingle or radio jingles captures the attention of the viewer and listener respectively, on hold messages can have a similar impact towards a caller. The message will catch their attention, prompting them to stay on the line. Even though a generic hold on music can be repetitive, silence is even worse since it triggers a lot of negative questions from the customer. For this reason, you should consider having a professionally created, informative message which will engage the client until you are in a position to pick their call.


  1. It gives you an Opportunity to Market your Services and Products.
    You can easily sell your company or business policies using on hold messages. Your callers can be informed of new discounts, promotions and product offer. These messages will help your customers in making informed decisions when choosing your company’s services and products in future. At least 20 percent of the callers who are kept on-hold will go ahead to purchase one of the advertised product. 

  2. Educates your Callers about Your Company
    If a new client is kept on hold, they will get to learn more about your business especially if the message includes the company’s website and location. You should, however, divide the message into small comprehensive segments to ensure that the customer entirely hears the message before the call is picked.

  3. Reduced Call Volume
    Through these messages, most of your company’s information can be passed to your callers. A client may be requesting a particular piece of information, which can be addressed through these messages hence they no longer have to wait for their call to be answered. Such clients will hang up after learning what they needed, thus giving room for other callers. For you, this means that you will serve more customers at a reduced call volume. 
    Evidently, if you spend these few seconds wisely, you can make a significant difference to your company’s marketing efforts. All you need is professionally crafted on hold messages which have the right tone in regards to your business. In this sense, you will be guaranteed of positive customer feedback which comes with brand loyalty.