Agile methodologies have displayed an unmatchable rate of adaptation in the recent decade. The software companies are racing to implement agile systems in order to match the changing needs of current society. To do so, obviously, the organisations are in desperate need of certified Agile practitioners. The PMI-ACP or Project Management Institute – Agile Certified Practitioner, is one of the most widely accepted agile certifications in the software industry. It goes without saying that the holder of this certification is capable of realising Agile practices within projects and project management. A deep understanding of Agile fundamentals and proper experience in working with Agile is required for this certification. However, the promising job opportunities and recognition that comes with the PMI – ACP certification makes the efforts behind it worthy.

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Why You Should Pursue PMI – ACP Certification

For someone in the early stages of their career with dreams of going up the ladder, PMI – ACP Training can be a large boost. With an ACP training, you will be equipped with knowledge and experience to implement practices that directly impact the efficiency of work teams positively. By single-handedly making the change in the workplace and bringing improvements to the whole organisation, you will be able to emerge as a key figure in your organisation.

Since agile is a relatively new methodology with proven credibility, there is a shortage for professionals who understand agile correctly and are able to implement it in the actual sense. Therefore having a PMI – ACP certification means the key to the path of success.

The opportunities that come with this certification course are not limited to job offers in large enterprises. You can always make use of your learnings to better the individual businesses and pursuits as well. The PMI-ACP course is well designed to exercise the best agile practices and its implementation on both organisation scale projects and the single ones.

The KnowledgeHut Training

The PMI – ACP training provided by KnowledgeHut goes through numerous engaging discussions, group interactions, case studies and workshops where real-world problems are focused. The carefully prepared syllabus ensures that the students are provided with in-depth knowledge of Agile manifesto, and its methodologies, tools, principle and techniques. The course also sheds some lights to the soft skills such as the conflict relationship, emotional intelligence and many other. By the end of this PMI – ACP course, you will be able to identify and implement the Agile practices best suited to your organisation. Also, you will have the proper knowledge and skills required to decode the PMI – ACP certification exam.

The world-class tutors who are leading your classes are sworn to help you with the certification exam. Numerous practice tests and exercises will be conducted to prepare yourself for the examination. You will be awarded 21 PDUs and 21 SEUs during the course period. Also, comprehensive courseware prepared by professionally certified tutors is provided to you in the form of an E-book. Stop wasting your time and prepare yourself with high-quality training from KnowledgeHut.