Who would not agree to the fact that traditional is definitely loved in any kind of occasion? Jumpers, Jeans, sneakers are what you might be rocking in every day but, special occasions definitely deserves something special. Come on; you cannot just spoil all the fun hopping there amidst a festive time I your jeans and sweatshirt! And guess what the hottest trend is when it comes to ethnic wear? Of course, it must be something that has no substitute of its own, saree. Surely, sarees have been the initial choice for all the ladies when it comes to rocking a gala evening in ethnic wear, but recently, teens and young adult women have also been making a whole lot fashion statements in sarees. For the millennials, who are yet not so comfortable in the attire and yet need to look gorgeous for any kind of celebration or festivity often depends on mamma’s judgments in choosing sarees for occasions. Your mamma would undoubtedly have the most beautiful sarees in her pit, but instead, if you could only choose what to wear for occasions when it comes to sarees yourself, you could find your own way to design your look.

So here is our guide on which type of saree to choose based on a particular occasion. Shop online and get to choose from all kinds of sarees from all over the country in the finest of prices at gofynd.com.

Choose Sarees for Birthdays and Marriage Anniversaries

Events such as birthdays, anniversaries in the house are something that happens now and then and all throughout the year. For this one would need something light yet something classy looking thing to drape. You can simply go for sarees in crepe, georgette or chiffon or even light cotton sarees with good embroidery would go along. In case you want something more of a catchy but light to wear you can definitely go for some Bhagalpuri Silk sarees or Baluchari sarees with good prints across the edges are sure to steal looks for you in the party. Pair these with junk accessories like round mess or teardrop design earrings, or maybe with a simple pair of earrings and a heavy neck piece. Shop online and get the latest of discounts and get your order delivered at the lowest of prices. Shop online at the lowest prices and get your favorite sarees delivered quickly.

Saree as an Office/Formal Wear

Do you have a meeting to attend or a conference to walk into? But then are you tired of wearing the same old trousers and shirts for the meeting? For a change try saree as formal wear in a meeting and thereafter it is for sure that you will keep everyone in the room guessing. You need to be a lot careful while you select sarees that you think qualify for formal wear. Do not choose any gaudy or raunchy colors and too many patterns or embroidery. Keep it simple, that’s the mantra. Pick up a raw silk saree which would look classy and be as inexpensive as nothing else. Go for Madhubani, the most common type of office wear, perhaps you can also see something in Batik or Warli. The abstract print on the saree, the vibrant color, and the light breathable material everything would qualify the best as a formal wear.

For Everything else

Now, let’s talk about the big festivities in the house like a wedding or let’s shift on to celebrations like Holi, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan and more such festivals largely celebrated all around the country. You can choose to carry the ultimate heavy look with Kanjeevaram silks or a Banarasi as these occasions would demand no less than those. Complete your look with heavy jewelry.

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