Has your company image been tarnished by some negative reviews or articles? If yes, then you need reputation management. As the name suggests, it is a way to manage and control your brand, company or product name or image to increase growth and sales. It can usually emphasize on SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique to rank your content or website higher on search engine’s search results. The aim is to land on the first page of Google results or maybe on the second page. Reputation management with emphasis on SEO makes it so that the negative contents can be suppressed and the positive ones can be filtered out. Now with the rise of the internet, information is easy to get and exploit. It is easier now than ever to publish and spread false information and tarnish the image of the company overnight.

Tips to follow

Always look for professionals whose portfolios boasts of several other bigger projects they have worked on or are working on now. This will give you an impression of him that he’s reliable and can do the job for you. Professionals with SEO skills and knowledge of digital marketing are ones you should look for. They know how to exploit the Google search results best, promote your content and maintain your brand image. This helps portray your brand or company in a positive light which fosters the growth of the company and sales.

Know the tactics

Once something negative, it can be a review or an article but once it’s up on the internet is not always as easy to erase it, unless it is you who owns the website or are the webmaster. It can be erased if a legal letter is submitted from an attorney who represents you as the compromised party. In case you can’t get a legal letter from an attorney, or you aren’t the owner of the site, you may try and communicate with the webmaster of your site that may then comply to your wishes or may not. So it’s not always best to rely on the fact that you can erase negative content on the internet but must have an online reputation management team to take care of such an issue if it ever arises.

Steps To Be Taken

It comes as no surprise that with internet and the explosion of social networking sites and social media the very first step to be taken is monitoring and managing of social media profiles of the person or the business. People often visit the social media profiles of the company they usually transact with and hence may leave comments or reviews on these social media profiles. The influx of some negative comments left by customers on the social media profiles of the company will be detrimental to the company’s image leading to decrease in sales and a drop in profit. Nowadays every user is required to make a user profile to place an order or to leave any comment. It is very important to monitor such user profiles to find out the fake profiles among them and ban them. Fake profiles are created to cause spamming. Public relation is yet another aspect which should be monitored which involves press releases, news stories, and editorials. A journalist may publish an article or news coverage may portray a company in a negative light. A skilled reputation expert will be able to suppress such negative contents and promote a positive image of the brand.

A company or an individual should take extra care as to what they are choosing to publicize on the internet keeping in mind that it cannot be easily taken down. And even if it is taken down by the owner it may already have been shared among internet users and are flooding the internet. Especially for individuals, it is crucial for their reputation management to check twice before making any information available online. Companies or brands should promote their policies and practices honestly and have an excellent customer support team for maximum customer satisfaction.