Life Activation” is something that is talked about by several lineages of hermetic thought, including the Modern Mystery School, (formerly the Rocky Mountain Mystery School of the USA) for whom it is a critically important procedure and a necessary tenet of spiritual and physical development.

But what is it, exactly? Why is it so important?

Described by the MMS as a way to “tap into your potential, remember who you are, balance your energy on every plane and step on to your commissioned path”, Life Activation – previously called DNA Activation – is a healing modality passed down from the days of King Salomon the Wise of Israel, King of all the peoples of the Earth. By awakening your DNA, its spiritual double – your spiritual DNA – is also woken up and infused with light. This is the physical and spiritual equivalent of waking up for the first time after having dreamt your whole life, seeing the world for what it is and being ready to take your next steps down a newly-clear path. The universe is deeper and more full of wonder and understanding than many of us will ever know, but by awakening our spiritual DNA with a Kabbalah Life Activation, we can open our eyes at last and begin our journey to unlocking our full potential.

Life Activations are passed out by a certified practitioner, who must be strictly regulated by the Modern Mystery School to make sure that they are practicing the true and correct modality, as it was handed down from the hand of King Salomon, first of the Lineage of David, most Beloved King of God’s people. This recertification and strict examination is crucial to ensure no elements of human ego have crept into the healing modality, colouring it and making it into something lesser – and potentially, something corrupted. By carefully assessing their Life Activation Practitioners, this sacred modality can be preserved.

By having your life activated, you essentially unlock the door to the new path that must be taken to awaken your full potential. Your DNA and its mirror image in your spirit are “switched on”, and, as every aspect of yourself, past, present and future, is contained in your DNA, this activation can be the first massive step towards realising the destiny meant for you. Each of us is here for a purpose, and each of us has a special place in the world which we are meant to one day realise. Life Activation is the key stage in beginning to learn the secrets of this destiny, the same way that opening your eyes is the first and most important part of waking in the morning.

Once your Life has been Activated in a Modern Mystery School Life Activation, you’ll be ready to begin your journey to your true self! For more information, get in touch with the Modern Mystery School on their contact form or call them on 02071837880. One of the Life Activation experts on the other end of the line will be more than happy to talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.