Do you feel sad with a thought that how you have many fond memories of your childhood of playing out in the street and your kids can’t have them? You don’t need to.

With just a bit of planning and creativity, you can make “playing out” a vital component of your child’s routine too.

According to research, 90% of today’s adults regularly played out in the street in their childhood. On the contrary, one in three children of today between the age of 7 and 14 never play in the street.

Street play provides an essential stepping stone for children as well as parents in the progress from supervised play of babies with toys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop for example to the independent routine of teenagers.

Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children

Playing out is not just tremendous fun, but it also has an important role to play in the development of children and benefits them in several ways you may not realise. Here are only a few:

  • Outdoor play enables children to meet up with other children, make decisions and choices and create and follow rules.
  • Outdoor play makes children jump, climb, chase and hop which are the best ways to stay physically active without even knowing that they are exercising.
  • Active play makes children healthy by keeping obesity away and reducing the risk of some serious diseases.
  • Outdoor play not only makes children develop physically but even socially and emotionally. Play is actually a human right according to the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.
  • Active play also enables children to make friends as well as develop social skills.
  • Playing independently with friends helps children learn about risks and their self-confidence improves.
  • Since all their stress relieves during active play, they get relaxed, and can focus well at school and as they get amply tired, they sleep well at night.

Getting Started

To start with, when you may want to accompany your children, you can have a chat with a neighbour or do some gardening or other outdoor work, while not getting too involved in their play. Leave it up to them what to play.

Once you are confident, let them play on the pavement with neighbouring children while you stay in the house. You can make their play interesting with quality kids sports toys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop or other toy store online.

Set boundaries for them about where they are allowed to and are not and make them well aware of road safety. Leave the front door open so as to be able to hear them and watch over them time and again.

Be Creative

Your kids may tend to create their own games for the street play. You too can add your creativity to inspire them, such as:

Balls: Let them have a game of street football or dodgeball.

Chalk: If given chalks, children can get so many imaginative patterns and designs and make pavement drawing and brighten up your street.

Wheels: Children also enjoy riding their bikes, roller skates and scooters up and down the pavement.

Traditional Street Games: Children also love to play old games played by their parents as well as grandparents, because they are still the best.

Get the Road Closed to Vehicles for a Few Hours

This is another great idea. Residents can leave their vehicles parked in the street. Nevertheless, it typically needs a road closure application and you’ll need to manage the cars.

Children can then do whatever they want to do like chalk on the pavements, play on bikes or have a football match.

Give your child a chance to create the beautiful childhood memories of street play and they will thank you!