History of blenders

The blender was first invented by Stephen Polanski too mix drinks such as malts and milk shakes, which had become quite famous at soda fountain restaurants.

Necessity of blender in a kitchen

Blending is one of the prime aspects of cooking. Mixing of kitchen ingredients like spices, milk, and malt can be done with the help of a blender. Cooking is considered to be an art and blending, mixing, grinding, chopping are all inclusive parts. Flipping through the pages of history we got to know that mostly hands were used for the purpose of blending and definitely it has given the results but nowadays in a work prone society like ours time, time has become a rare element and for that reason electronic gadgets are gaining ground. Kitchen appliances also run through electricity like chimney, grinder, mixer etc and blender is one of them. The kind of meals like you prepare each day determines the type of appliances that you require to handle.

Selection of blenders

Budget definitely matters for buying any commodities and blenders are no exception at all. So looking at your budget you should seek for the right blender. You must also have a look that to what degree your blender will be used that is the amount of food cooked each day and the number of family members. It is better to buy a moderate range of blender from a legitimate brand to suit the purpose. Hygiene should be given much priority and the appliances should be washed or cleaned on a daily purpose. The blenders should be power friendly and must not consume too much electricity as such. The material is equally essential like glass models are prone to scratches and breakage whereas plastic models are portable and weighs light. Steel models are also available but since they are not opaque in nature so the curiosity of the cook remains high while his or her recipe is blended. Looks do also matter for buying any sort of commodities and it should be eye friendly and stylish. The blender must also be simple enough to operate and easy to work and the best blender should be rigid and contain metal base for security.

Types of items you can make using blenders

A wide range of tasty items can be cooked with the best blender like pancakes and waffles. Homemade sauces with a smooth consistency and even texture can be easily prepared with a blender and the hot soups can be cooled bit using blenders. Dips and smoothies are effective recipes using blenders. You can use your blender to make summer fresh drinks using fruits and other flavors. Blenders can also replace the ice cream maker and milk shake maker by making your own sorbet for quick dessert. Protein shakes can also be prepared using blenders

Kinds of blenders

There are generally two kinds of blenders found in the market .One is the hand-held or stick or immersion blender that can be used for small purposes, easy and feasible enough to access. Soft components like vegetables and fruits are perfect for this type of blenders. The next one is the countertop blender or jars or jug blender and is heavier and used for professional purposes mostly in cafeterias and restaurants. Unlike stick blenders they can also be used for other purposes like grinding, chopping, crushing ice cubes, mixing and pureeing. In this kind of blenders you can even drink from the cup itself.


Whenever you press the required button in order to start your blender, the motor begins to turn the blades that compel the liquid or fluid to mix with the air. So a vacuum is created at the middle of the jar that pulls the ingredients in a whirling motion towards it displacing the contents .The round motion progresses filling air into the ingredients faster until you press the necessary switch to stop the procedure.  

Advantages of using blenders

Blenders can be used to break five to six kinds of fruits or vegetables in order to make juices or smoothies which are easy to digest and absorb by the body. Generally babies and sick persons need these kinds of smoothies in their diet therefore blenders are like blessings to them. Time is also saved. It takes much more time to cut, peel and chew whole fruits and vegetables than to drink it in one go. People who are loaded with works can drink this smoothie and get the equal nutrition for themselves.