The clock ticks and time passes by. The days move on and we notice this only when we see the calendar. Yes, a calendar is an integral part of our lives which helps us to keep track of the days spent and helps us to plan better. This is why calendar printing is a part of every corporate company’s promotional budget.

Companies print calendars to offer them as corporate gifts for their employees and clients. They also use it as part of their visibility ventures and brand promotions. But to succeed in this objective,  companies must use some unique calendar printing ideas to impress the audience and their customers. Take a look at these innovative calendar printing ideas that you can implement to

Unique ideas for calendar printing

  1. A calendar hexahedron

Adopt this calendar printing idea if you want your calendar to be one in a million. Yes, this calendar hexahedron is a 3D object with 6 sides. Its unique shape allows each face to have one month displayed on it. Turn the hexahedron upside down and you have the other 6 months.  Print all the months distinctly with different colours and emboss each side with your brand logo.

This premium gift will be a star attraction on any desk and your customers will feel privileged to have it.

  1. A pop- up calendar

Want to do something original? Geo in for this unique “pop-up” calendar design that truly stands out from the rest.

When folded it looks like a book, keep it upright and open a leaf of the book to which the month sheet pop out. Interesting and innovative, this calendar theme will be loved by kids and elders alike and it is a treat to watch it unfold.

  1. A calendar set

A truly elite gift for exclusive customers, this calendar set is a valuable addition to any customer’s desk. Calendar sets come in various varieties and usually comprise of a complete set of desk accessories.

Look at this triangular-folded  calendar set. It has a small desk calendar on one end. and a notepad on the other. In between, lies a stationery holder to house your pens, pencils and highlighters.

Modern and majestic, this Calendar set will be highly in demand among your special customers.

Yet another calendar set that is truly outstanding is this one with a spiral calendar.

Simple and neat, its spiral calendar looks stunning and spectacular as it catches every eye in the room. Alongside this is a note holder that comes handy and a place for resting your pen. Get this designed for your special customers and watch others asking you for more.

  1.     Camera calendar

This calendar gift will be a stunner this season. Yes, doubling up as a premium promotional gift. it is likely to please your customers to pink. Look at this unique showpiece which has a calendar on a camera..

With markings up to 2032, your customer will not need a calendar for the next 14 years and will remember you for a long time.

Unique and ultimate, this calendar-curio will be the highlight of the season and the talk of the town.

  1.     Creative and crafty

Want to recycle and reuse old CD cases. Here is an opportunity to do this. Print small calendar sheets according to your taste and encase them in old CD cases. Truly innovative, isn’t it?

Calendar printing need not be necessarily mundane and monotonous. Brainstorm with your calendar – printer or designer and come up with truly original ideas like these to make your calendar printing stand out from the rest.