A steroid cycle indicates the time frame an anabolic steroid is being used. The period of use of the steroid is known as “on-cycle” and the period when the steroid is not used is called “off-cycle.” Though it seems that an anabolic steroid cycle is a dangerous endeavor, it is safe if an anabolic steroid is used judiciously and under proper guidelines. Adequate knowledge about the work mechanism of these steroids is required for safe use. The use of anabolic compounds for performance enhancement is not legitimate. This has limited the clinical studies and the clinical data for the dosages of steroids required for physique enhancement.

People should opt for both on-cycle and off-cycle to reduce long-term adverse effects of anabolic steroids and maximize the muscle building potential. A general cycle should be anywhere between 2-12 weeks. As the body gets used to the steroids, the benefits last longer than an unrelenting steroid cycle. The steroid use is different for males and females. Many female users use the same steroid stacks and cycles as men but that increase the virilization symptoms for women. Steroids are safe for women at low dosages and short cycles. Women are usually more interested in steroids for lean mass and reducing body fat.

Steroid cycles for beginners, intermediate and advanced level users

Steroids are not just meant for bulking up but there are different stacking options that can affect the body. After deciding on the aim, one can choose the best steroid cycle. For the beginners, it is important to start with a lower dosage for a short cycle so there are fewer chances of adverse side effects. After this, users can just add one more steroid in the stack. Some of the basic steroids that work great for the beginners are Primobolan Depot, Winstrol, Deca-Durabolin and TestosteroneEnanthate. The popular steroid choices for stacking are Dianabol, Anadrol, and Winstrol. All these steroids are fast-acting and have the ability to enhance performance, mass and strength.

The advanced steroid cycles are meant for those users who have completed several anabolic steroid cycles. The intermediate and the advanced users use potent compounds like Anadrol and Trenbolone though the testosterone-only cycle is applicable here too. Many advanced users opt for Testosterone than any other advanced anabolic steroid. These users have a complete understanding of how the body reacts to the anabolic steroids. The advanced cycles and stacking include several compounds at the highest dosages. This cycle is for the users who have completed several cycles with different steroids. Some of the steroid stacks for advanced level users are Testosterone Enanthate, Human Growth Hormone and Equipoise.

The three steroid cycles

The steroid cycles are split into three different categories. The bulking cycles are for adding mass. The gains are difficult to retain as the bulk is mainly due to water retention. The cutting cycles are meant to burn fat and to give a defined look to the physique. With a proper workout and diet, most of the physical gains are retained in a cutting cycle. The lean-bulk cycle is a longer cycle and constitutes of both the cutting and the bulking cycles. The steroids for lean mass involve using both the bulking steroids and the cutting steroids like Dianabol and Equipose respectively.