Wellington in New Zealand is a melting pot of diverse and artistic pursuits. Whether you are visiting the city in a campervan hire new zealand for the first time or have been in the city before, the city will not run out of things for you to see and do that will make each trip memorable. And to all of you fellow travelers, we have come up with a list of top things you can do when you visit the beautiful city of Wellington, New Zealand. Enjoy!

  1. Drop By National Tattoo Museum – The National Tattoo Museum is not so easily missed. It is a huge, inner-city structure with dragons painted all over it, calling out to every explorer nearby. The museum is the perfect place to discover Pacific and Maori tattoo culture and traditions, as well as the unique designs and tattoo styles found only in New Zealand.
  2. Meet The Giant Squid At Te Papa  –  Te Papa Museum is home to some of the most magnificent historical and artistic exhibits in New Zealand. But one of its crown jewels is found in its Mountains to Sea Exhibits: the colossal squid. Weighing 495 kilograms, the giant squid was found at the Antarctic in 2007 by the crew of San Aspiring, New Zealand’s long-lining vessel. The colossal squid is a popular attraction, attracting numerous visitors to the museum every year.
  3. Visit Wrights Hill Fortress – If you want to learn more about the city’s war history, there is no better place to go than Wrights Hill Fortress. Other than its connection to The Lords of the Rings movie franchise, Wrights Hill Fortress is home to a fascinating network of tunnels built during World War II. There are private tours you can arrange, because the fortress is only open to the public on national holidays.
  4. Shop At The Old Bank Arcade – Okay so you are going to do more than just shop at the Old Bank Arcade. Drop by the Banking Chamber and marvel at the sophistication of the mechanical musical clock that plays tunes and opens up to show vignettes that show the history of the arcade itself.
  5. Watch A Movie At Time Cinema – No, you did not travel all the way to New Zealand to just see a movie. Catching a movie at Time Cinema is an experience you would never forget. After all, it is one of New Zealand’s most underrated tourism gems and one that you can say is a true work of love.  The private theatre is cosy; seating only 40 people and show classic movies from the 1940’s to the 1960’s. The theatre is also home to a magnificent collection of film history and memorabilia and has been showing classic films since the 1980’s.
  6. Say A Prayer For Mrs. Chippy – It is not every day that you see a bronze monument that is dedicated to a tabby cat. But Mrs. Chippy is not your average tabby cat. She helped make Earnest Shackleton’s expedition to the Antarctic cheerful. Mrs. Chippy as well as the sled dogs in the expedition kept Shackleton and the rest of his crew company until their ship – Endurance – got trapped in the ice.
  7. Play A Round of Golf At Carlucci Land – Carlucci Land is the only place where you can play gold amidst metallic and wooden sculptures. The artist, Carl Gifford, used recycled materials to come up with the imaginative artwork peppered throughout the golf course. Open for business for eight years running the 18-hole golf course’s unique junkyard theme adds a quirky twist to every game.