London is a beautiful city which has some unique touring places like the Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Paul’s Cathedral and the Shard where you can visit and enjoy your time. You will realize that there are some unique souvenirs that can only be purchased in London and brought home. But remember these unique souvenirs can be found all over London so you will need a car rental in London to maneuver through the city. So here are some special things that can be found in London.

Houses of Parliament Notebook

The Houses of Parliament Shop usually sells numerous items which have been branded with the UK government stamp. This shop doesn’t have an online store, thus making it unique with an element of authenticity. From here you can get branded playing cards and flask. This shop is located around the corner right from the Westminster underground station and opposite Big Ben.

Umbrella from James Smith & Sons

Everybody knows that the weather is usually rainy in London so having an umbrella is a necessity. There is no better place to purchase an umbrella than the James Smith & Sons umbrella shop. This shop was actually opened in 1830. They have tried to keep the original Victorian-shop as it was. This shop sells walking sticks and umbrellas and is located between the Holborn and Tottenham Court Road underground stations.

M&M’s from M&M’s World

It might not the only M&M’s World on the globe, but it’s the only one in Europe. By the way, there are only five M&M’s World stores in the world. Located in Leicester square, this shop has some branded M&M’s products ranging from a huge variety of candies and jewelry to blankets and soft toys. You can also get the personalized M&M’s to impress all your friends.

Hat from Lock & Co. Hatters

Opened in 1786, this is actually the oldest hat shop on the globe. In fact, a hat from Lock & Co. Hatters is more than just a head warmer; this is a piece of British history. Winston Churchill wore their hat on his wedding day and the unique hats worn by Charlie Chaplin were also purchased here. They also claim that they designed the first bowler hat in 1849. This shop is located in St. James’s street in London.

Bespoke Suit from Savile Row

If you are looking for a smart suit for any occasion including a wedding or a suit for any purpose, then go to Savile Row. This street is famous for the best tailoring suits on the globe. Shops in and around this street have an impeccable reputation for designing the world’s best suits. In fact, the tailors here will know your exact shape and style by just looking at you and taking measurements of your body.

London is a home to some of the most unique souvenir shops in England. All the souvenir shops sell something symbolic which can only be found in London. These souvenirs will be a reminder of your visit to London and the fact that they are unique makes them special. So the next time you visit London make sure you visit these shops and get yourself these gifts while enjoying the scenery in London. These souvenirs will be also great gifts for your pals and family members.