This year is flying by so fast, and given that it’s already April, the time has come to start thinking about your summer vacation. Instead of checking out the coolest celebrity Snapchat names with travel as their passion, you can save yourself plenty of time and take a look at our short but comprehensive list of tips on picking your next dream destination.

Start planning early, and even score some first-minute deals on awesome vacation packages or do it as a favorite pastime – picturing yourself on a sandy beach that you’ll actually get to visit in just a few short months!

#1: Plan Out Your Budget

Traveling has never been more available to the masses, and it’s super easy to get lost in all the options. Would you prefer something simple for this summer, such as a week of sunbathing somewhere in the Caribbean or you’d like to check out those destinations that are on the other side of the planet, where you probably won’t go more than once in your life, such as Mauritius?

One of the easiest ways to determine whether you want to go to Florida or Bora Bora is to start your planning process with a clear budget. Do you want to go all out this year and have a trip of a lifetime or do you want a more low-key kind of vacation where you’ll rest, recharge and recuperate?

This is the first step in planning your summer vacation because unless you do this, you’d spend countless hours checking out all sorts of destinations, and risk satisfying your travel bug so much that you could end up not even going anywhere.

#2: Places You’ve Never Been To

If you want to start wide and then narrow down your potential summer vacation destination, rule out the places you’ve already seen. By opting for a destination you’ve never been to, you’ll experience a new culture, cuisine, way of life, and vibe creating ever-lasting memories that will just feed your desire to travel even more.

If you’ve been to Cuba, the Dominican and Mexico, check out Jamaica in the off-season because the price point can be similar enough, and you’d get to see one of the most famous islands in the Caribbean.

If Jamaica doesn’t seem to be to your taste at the moment, there is always Costa Rica with its breathtaking scenery, wildlife, and beaches to die for. If you’re ready for a summer trip to Europe but still want to dip your behind in salt water, going on a cruise in the Mediterranean could turn into your dream vacation.

#3: Recommendations Are Good

Everyone likes to be original, but sometimes hearing your friends and family out about the places they’ve seen and the things they’ve liked can help guide you in the right direction.

You might have a couple of really good friends who went to Crete, Greece for the honeymoon a few years back, and you couldn’t believe their photos, and back then you thought there would be no way for you ever to go there, but what do you know? It’s now 2018, your new boyfriend is Greek, and he’s dying to take you to his home country and show you the ropes! Keep your budget constraints and your wishes in mind when listening to your friends’ suggestions, and you’ll come up with a decision in no time.