Winter driving can be tricky, but with some proven techniques and preparation, you will be well on your way to safely driving your vehicle when it gets cold. In this article, we will provide some helpful suggestions for driving in the winter.

Prepare Your Car

One of the best ways to effectively drive in the winter begins before you even get into your car. Schedule an appointment with an auto repair Calgary provider, and have your tires checked to make sure they are holding air and that they have the appropriate level of tread. If your tires are in disrepair, you should replace them before the weather gets bad, and you may also consider purchasing snow tires. These will provide better traction, unlike all-purpose tires that sometimes can lose their effectiveness when the weather gets cold. You will also want your auto repair Calgary provider to check your belts, hoses, oil, coolant, and to inspect your vehicle for basic road worthiness.

Keep Necessary Supplies in Your Car

In case something does happen while out driving, you will want to be equipped with certain useful things. One of the most important things you will need is a spare tire. Ideally, a full-sized spare is the best option, but this will take up space in your trunk and can add weight to your vehicle. A donut is the next best option, as these are smaller and do not weigh as much. You will need to make sure that these are properly inflated and that they are free of dry rot. For flat tires that are not as serious, you can use an aerosol tire inflator to quickly patch the hole.

Other supplies you should have on hand are your cell phone and a flash light with working batteries. A small tool kit comes in handy, and this should contain some screw drivers, pliers, wire snips, basic wrenches, and a tire gauge. You should also have an ice scraper in your glove box at all times, jumper cables in your trunk, and ideally, a jumper box so you can jump your own vehicle. Cell phone rechargers are vital, as are snacks, like granola and other nonperishable items, and a blanket or two can help you keep warm while waiting for help. De-Icer can soften the ice on your windshield, and road flares can help you alert traffic that you are changing a tire on a road with a narrow shoulder.

Practice Conscientious Driving

Experts suggest that when driving in the winter you stay focused on the road and that you always stay calm. Be sure to disengage from distracting things like using your cell phone or infotainment system while behind the wheel. In addition, it may be necessary to maintain slower speeds during inclement weather, as your tires need to maintain contact with the road in order to get traction. Maintain a safe distance between other vehicles, and, when possible, try to avoid stopping suddenly.

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