Titanium is one of the most abundant metals available, offering suitability for an array of industrial needs and wants. Renowned for its high strength to low-density ratio, titanium (Ti) is a hard, lustrous metal that’s especially durable- it’s no wonder it’s so popular!

Titanium suppliers, Ti-Tek have an extensive range of titanium rod supplies, along with various sizes of titanium bars and titanium plates.

2017 has brought countless new and innovative developments for the supply of titanium, one of which being that the metal is no longer just used for alloys! A titanium plate can still be combined with aluminium, molybdenum and many other elements to maximise strength and to make the most of the desirable properties, but it’s proven to be reliable for various applications, including the following…


A titanium bar is ideal for aircraft building ensuring that the structures and fittings provide maximum strength and stability. Ti-Tek, titanium rod suppliers, provide the metal to maximise jet engines. The reasons titanium is commonly used in aerospace is down to its ability to withstand high temperatures and to perform exceptionally well at high speeds!


Used so often for its reliability, titanium is also perfect for creating decorative products and adding a touch of glamour, hence why it’s a popular choice for architects and artists, alike.

Any titanium rod suppliers will provide you with high-quality titanium plates that provide stability and elasticity, but the team at Ti-Tek are more than willing to provide you with metals that are modern and assist with the structural repair.


Despite titanium suppliers providing titanium for industries, Ti-Tek also provides the titanium bar to suit the requirements of domestic customers too. Within the home, titanium has immeasurable uses, the pigments are used to enhance the overall appearance of properties by making paints, inks, paper and plastics look visibly brighter.


Whether it’s chemicals or petrochemicals; Ti-Tek has an ideal solution for when it comes to acquiring a titanium bar. Ti-Tek provides the titanium bar various industrial applications, each priced affordably to provide you with the best value for money. Industrially, titanium suppliers provide products suitable for power plant operations, offering greater resistance to corrosion.


Titanium has a wide range of uses in 2017, including surgical implants and dental implants. The durable metal is suitable for orthopaedics and joint replacements too- titanium is a material that bone can adhere to.

The surgical instruments used in the medical industry can be manufactured with a titanium plate. Medical instruments and devices need to be hard-wearing and hygienic and the titanium bar makes them long-lasting and more efficient!


Titanium alloys make ideal sporting equipment. Did you know that bicycles are made from titanium to incorporate a lightweight property? They also to withstand immense pressures and various weights.

As well as bicycles, the titanium plate can be used to create golf club heads, making the most of the lightweight and tensile properties. Because titanium is resistant to corrosion and erosion, it’s ideal for safety equipment and other equipment in sport, check out the range of titanium from Ti-Tek today!

Titanium suppliers, Ti-Tek can provide you with a suitable titanium plate or sheet, ensuring that you have sufficient material for your individual application. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts and find out more about the ways you can use titanium in 2017!