Sandblasting can be an extremely effective way to clean certain outdoor surfaces. This cleaning method uses small sand particles that are shot out of an air compressor rapidly. The high-speed of these particles will hit the surface or surfaces that are meant to be cleaned, and with their speed, they’ll clear away dirt, rust, old paint and other debris.

Sandblasting can be done at home for a do-it-yourself project, or you may hire someone to professionally perform this service. Either way, it’s unfortunate that many mistakes are often made when it comes to using sandblast equipment and performing the act of sandblasting effectively and efficiently.

As you embark on your sandblasting project, make sure to avoid the following common mistakes.

 Using Sandblast Equipment That Is Too Small

Some of the smaller sandblast equipment that you’ll find can be useful, but for most projects, choosing a mid-range unit is smarter and will make your project much easier. Small units often need to be started and stopped at a frequent rate. They may require more cycles of sand as well, and all of this can take a lot of time.

You don’t need a gigantic unit to complete most projects. But again, a midrange unit can go a long way for making your sandblast project easier and more effective overall.

 Using the Wrong Sandblast Media

Different particles can be used to perform the act of sandblasting, and many people use the wrong type of particles.

Traditional sand is the most commonly used type of sandblast media, but it may not be the best choice for certain surfaces. For example, if you’re going to be cleaning calcium deposits out of an in-ground pool, you’ll want to use glass beads instead of sand. And softer surfaces may require baking soda or finely crushed shells to get the desired effect without causing damage. 

Make sure to always do your research when it comes to choosing the media that you’ll be using for your sandblasting object.

 Not Following the Necessary Safety Precautions

Finally, many people don’t take the time to perform the necessary safety precautions before they get started with their project. Sandblasting is definitely an effective way to clean outdoor surfaces, but it can be dangerous as well. It’s important to have the proper safety equipment that will cover your eyes and skin, and a pair of heavy leather gloves will also be useful.

 Think Ahead, Do Your Research, and Stay Safe

Whether you are doing a do-it-yourself project at home or working as a professional sandblaster, the mistakes above should be avoided at all costs. Always make sure to think ahead, do your research, and put your safety and the safety of those around you first.