Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory ( is far more than your average hot-dog shop on the street. We’ve all been caught up walking down the street stopping at our favorite hot dog stands, but this one is by far the best we’ve encountered. In Toronto, Canada Soloway’s offers a variety of foods, not just our favorite wieners. This factory has been up and running since 1927 and, almost an entire century, later it’s still standing as one of my favorite fast food joints.

The menu consists of sausages, “wieners”, striploin steaks, and burgers; all grilled and cooked to perfection. Follow me here as I take us through the salivating items that come with Soloway’s menu.

They have all beef hot dogs, quarter beef hot dogs, and almost any flavor there is imaginable to customize your dog with. The same goes for their Sausages, from Italian to Honey Garlic and Jerk chicken, they’ve changed the game for every hot dog joint around by adding on some of these iconic flavors. Their options for burgers are either all beef or veggie, very classic and simple. They have a Nitrite and gluten-free product line as well for their hot dogs and burgers. Lastly, they also offer fresh cut meats like striploin steaks and chicken breasts. It gives people plenty of options to choose from, although they’re famous for their iconic hot dog flavors. These items are completely customizable and are all best sellers with raving reviews, although we do recommend that you try a hot dog the first time here as it is their specialty and what they’re most famous for. If not one of their dogs, then it’s recommended that you try the Italian Sausage, one of the current best sellers that customers are raving about.

These items are all customers favorites. When visiting their website at you can find recipes from Soloway’s very own cooks and testimonials from their customers. Food safety is a big priority for Soloway’s and they pride themselves on fresh meats and cooked-to-order foods.

When the doors opened in 1927, Soloway’s provided locals of Toronto with authentic European meat products that everyone craved. As the years passed they thought to decided to branch out, so in 1996 Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory joined the food service industry for good. During the transformation, they took their original recipes and traditional cooking and utilized this with fast food products. Eventually, these products enabled them to grow within the industry with independent hot dog stands, catering options, cash and carry stores and wholesalers throughout Ontario. Almost a century of success and they’re still providing amazing food with quality service that has customers wanting to come back just minutes after they walk out the door. Don’t believe me? Go try it yourself, see if you can last fifteen minutes without craving Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory.