Technology IPOs are often the source of massive amounts of buzz and excitement. People like to see that the companies that they do business with every day are going to trade on Wall Street. They can finally get in on the increases in profits straight from the source of the companies that they love so much. However, recent IPOs in the tech sector are not doing so well.

Blue Apron and Tintri are two new tech IPOs that have recently gone to the Street. They are both not doing so well though compared to their IPO price. They are simply not getting above the prices where they were initially offered to the public. That means that people are just not all that excited about what the technology sector is offering. At least they are not confident enough in these names to value them at higher than what they originally went out for.

This is all a bit of a change compared to what had been happening recently on Wall Street in relation to tech IPOs. They were at one point recently doing quite well. They would make huge gains on their value right out of the gate. Now, the companies are struggling to gain the attention of the very investors that they need to have on their side.

There is a fund that tracks new IPOs directly and it has been on a tear this year up some 30 percent. However, for the month of June the fund is down some 3 percent. This is a sign that the new IPOs that are coming to bear in June were not doing what their counterparts had been doing the whole rest of the year. It is a huge disappointment for those who are big into investing in the newest and hottest things.

Some believe that this is nothing more than a simple market correction for a market that has just gotten a little ahead of itself in recent days. They see it as healthy that the market is reacting the way that it is supposed to when things get too far out of whack. That can in fact help make the sector pull ahead even farther in the future. That may well be the case, it just depends on what contemporary issues come to the forefront during the remainder of the year.

If the market is sticking its nose up at technology IPOs at the moment, it may be because it is favoring other sectors right now. Technology tends to be a high risk/high reward type of play whereas other sectors are more predictable. Perhaps some investors are more interested in picking something that they can rely on right now.

No one can know for sure what is causing the technology IPOs to have some struggles, but we can all hope that they return to a better tomorrow going forward. It is going to be interesting to see what companies want to put themselves out there in this type of environment.