One of the features that most women are conscious about are their breasts. Therefore, some women go to great lengths to ensure that their breasts look exactly how they would like them to. Thanks to modern technology, women can now go for the best tear drop gummy bear implants Houston, TX plastic surgeons can offer. Gummy bear implant is a common name for high-strength silicone gel implant. The shape that the breasts eventually take is what led to the name teardrop. Once you have chosen to go for this type of breast augmentation, there are many benefits that you will enjoy.

Larger and more beautiful breasts

The breast augmentation procedure will help you to achieve the larger and more beautiful breasts you have always desired. Your improved appearance will not be limited to the breasts alone. By augmenting breasts to your preferred size and shape, they will fit your figure better and improve your overall appearance. This has the potential to boost your self-esteem.

Symmetrical breasts

These implants will benefit any woman with one of her breasts being larger, smaller or differing in shape from the other. The surgical procedure will help to correct the asymmetry so that there is balance and harmony to the chest. The implants are shaped to allow for better symmetry so that the whole body will also be balanced.

Natural breasts

Regardless of the shape and size that you choose, the natural look and shape of the implant will help to make you comfortable. While you may have concerns about other people noticing implants, these gummy bear implants lay such concerns to rest. With the natural look of your breasts, you will always be confident about your body and appearance.

The shell does not leak

One of the advantages of these anatomically shaped implants is that the shell will not break. When the shell is less likely to suffer any damage, the gel inside the shell will not leak. This is because the fill will not shift from one area of the shell to another. The result is that folds and rippling that would potentially weaken the shell and cause cracks, will be less frequent.

Lower chance of capsular contracture

Most breast augmentation procedures are associated with capsular contracture. This is a condition that is characterized by the stiffening of scar tissue around the implant. Unlike many other breast implants, gummy bear breast implants have a lower chance of this condition developing. This has made the procedure popular among women looking to have their breasts augmented through surgery.

With the numerous plastic surgeons for tear-drop gummy bear implants Houston, TX makes available; you will need to choose an experienced professional. It is only by working with a qualified practitioner that you will get quality results.