Ketosis is a special diet but there are many things that are many pros and cons that are to be looked by the folks. Generally people have two options one is they can follow or they can completely get out of it. Achieving ketosis is a complex task but there are some rules that can be followed by the people. These things help in raising the levels of ketosis.

  • The consumption of carbohydrates must be limited to 20 grams in a day and if there is requirement then it can be reduced as well. The diet must be less in carbs but the fibers are not to be limited because they are beneficial.

  • The proteins are also to be limited in this period and the followers must always stay at 1 gram of protein. The weight often body is associated with this because if the weight is approx. 70 Kgs then the protein levels must be maintained. This is the mistake that people often make while reaching ketosis.
  • Control the cravings because the keto food must be consumed to satisfy the hunger. This will result in ketosis and it signifies the difference between keto diet and normal starving.
  • Generally there is habit in people of taking small bites even if they are not hungry. However, this habit must be controlled because it reduces the process of ketosis and weight loss.
  • If there is requirement then intermittent fasting can also be added in the routine because it helps in weight loss and improves the level of ketosis. However, this ratio must be 16:8 to achieve better results and it is best keto food.

Optimal and Macros-

There are many tricks and methods by which a person can achieve the required ketosis level. However, there are many things that can help in this and it is better to stay away from the tricks and short methods. However, if there are certain issues then the people can go with artificial sources. Apart from this, the above mentioned carbs and protein levels are also very helpful in the managing these things and it will easily keep up the keto levels.

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