A trip to the United Kingdom has a lot in store for you than just the city of London. Many people have no idea about the picturesque counties and villages of the United Kingdom that can leave you mesmerised like never before. Check out holiday trip deals for the United Kingdom and make sure you have at least some of these divine destinations on your list. A break from the madding crowd, these places will truly rejuvenate you and give you utmost peace of mind.

  1. Yorkshire

A lot has been said about Yorkshire in travelogues and literature. Known for the Normal castles, Viking remains and abbeys of medieval times, Yorkshire brings alive the past. The sprawling rural landscape has inspired many painters right from the Victorian times. The Dales and moors and the heritage tourism will give you divine happiness. Find the best Yorkshire holiday cottage at cheap prices from Deal Voucherz and secure your ideal place to stay in God’s own County at great savings.

  1. Devon

Devon is not only famous for its picturesque beaches and coasts but also its scenic rural areas. While you can relax in the sprawling crystal clear coasts, the countryside spreading up till the horizon makes up some of the most beautiful locations you can find in the entire United Kingdom. The county of Devon has a lot of promises waiting to surprise you. Do not miss out on the lands of Exmoor and Dartmoor or the fishing villages of South Devon on your UK trip. Check out for huge discounts in travel bookings offered by various guides to have the best of your holiday.

  1. Lake District

Want to get transported to a poetic landscape where you can forget the weariness of the world and escape into the world as beautiful as poetry itself? A visit to the Lake District of United Kingdom is a must then. This is one of the most significant places not only in the United Kingdom but also in the entire Europe because of its literary connection. Poets of the Romantic Age, especially William Wordsworth drew huge inspiration from these locales. The typical British countryside can be felt here in its most beautiful form. Forests, trees, lakes, valleys and country houses create a nostalgic atmosphere here and you are left stunned by the bounty of nature. Hike for an entire day in these lands to have the best experience of your life.

  1. Cornwall

Cornwall county of United Kingdom can be a strong contender for one of the best places to live in this country. The reason owes to the awe-inspiring combination of coastal region and countryside, created by none other than the master artist Himself. Nature abounds itself and leaves you filled with awe and pleasure. Vacationers must plan a visit to Cornwall to witness the never-ending heathlands, the silent villages, and the serene beaches. Check out the beauty of the vast skies and the cerulean blue sea that draws painters, poets, nature lovers and photographers from all over the world.

  1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the place to be if you are looking for grandeur, natural beauty, history, and extravagance together in one cup.  History and heritage have wrapped this Scottish city and kept the past alive in each corner. You can spend hours walking through the medieval towns and neoclassical buildings like the Edinburgh castle on your own. The rolling hills and endless miles of farmlands mark the characteristic Scottish landscape which can never fail to leave you amazed. Make visits to Arthur’s Seat, St.Margaret’s Loch and the ruins of St. Anthony’s Chapel to have the best of a serene Scottish holiday on your UK trip.

  1. Dover

Dover serves as a ferry port in the county of Kent in southern England. It has been commercially important for serving as a passageway to Britain. Dover is not only famous for its historical connections but also for its castles, beaches and White Cliffs that make it a famous tourist location in the United Kingdom.

  1. Derbyshire

The county of Derbyshire has something in store for everyone. While the history and peace lover can tour the various churches strewn across, the nature lover can take delight in the rolling valleys and nature reserves that make up the most of the county. Just a romantic walk by the countryside or the river Wye can make you feel transported to the settings you have only read of in Wordsworth’s poems or in English classic novels like those of Jane Austen.