More professionals are working from home than ever before. That means a great sense of comfort and convenience, but it can also be tough to make the home office feel as productive as a real working environment. An easy way to ensure a proper workplace feeling is to equip the home office with the right tools and furniture to achieve maximum productivity.

An office chair may seem like a quick, mindless purchase, but it actually is quite influential throughout the work day. With the wrong chair, workers feel tired more easily, soreness throughout the body, and a growing negativity towards the work environment, even if it is hard to know why. Avoiding the purchase and research behind a good office chair is a detriment to the home office experience, and rather than worry about which chair is best, look no further. The AvoChair from Autonomous is the superior choice.

The AvoChair Checks Every Box

There is not a single feature of the AvoChair that leaves anything to be desired. Starting with its design, each part of the AvoChair can be broken down after its course of life to be recycled. This is an environmentally minded chair and company. Each and every part of the AvoChair that could be designed using recyclable materials has been. If green solutions to office needs and resources are important to workers, Autonomous has become a leading retailer that meets the growing need for green-minded work conditions.

The AvoChair also provides all the ergonomic adjustability that Autonomous is known for. With a fully adjustable mechanism and design, the AvoChair is customizable for each and every individual, making sure that those who purchase the chair feel like the product was specially designed for their use. That freedom is hard to find in other chairs, and some who offer this amount of customization ask an arm and a leg for the chair. Autonomous solves this issue by working with world class designers and manufacturers to maximize the materials used on each AvoChair.  

A few easily noticeable features of the AvoChair is its shape and design. The oversized backrest allows for one entire piece of the chair to support everything from the neck to the lower back. This allows for a more comfortable experience without the need to figure out positioning for seperate parts of the chair. Even the arm rests are customizable to make sure no matter how tall the user is, the possibility for body support is available. Each part of the AvoChair has been carefully designed for the user, and that makes a big difference.

At the home office, things feel cozy because it is still a room in the house. The office should resemble this sense of comfort, and the AvoChair is the ergonomic way to bring comfort into the home office.

Choose Autonomous for the Home Office

Autonomous is a leading retailer for office furniture and accessories. They’ve made it a mission to provide affordable, ergonomic solutions for things like stiffness, soreness, and other office related ailments. Simply put, office furniture should support the body without emptying the wallet. Using recycled materials and environmentally friendly design, the AvoChair is just one of many options for an Autonomous chair that at home professionals can choose from.

No matter what chair seems best, the Autonomous line of products is designed to satisfy every professional’s need. Working at home is a comfort, so make it as comfortable as possible with an ergonomic seating solution from Autonomous.