The problem with our generation is we do what we hear, even though we don’t know how to do it. Since, people are more public about nearly every subject which influences some in the right direction and some in the wrong direction. With getting in a relationship being a casual event, little kids have also joined the league. Ten to fifteen year olds are becoming a part of this new trend. I don’t blame them. Kids repeat what they see elders doing. So, if you are vocal about certain subjects, don’t forget how it might influence the young. You have been moulded, but they are still raw and will take any shape you give them.

People do not understand the meaning of relationship. Our age is not the beginning of era of relationships. Our age is the beginning of the era of break-ups. The reason behind is that people decide to get into a relationship but they don’t know how to maintain it. They have no idea how much effort goes into keep the relationship going. It’s not just about falling in love with the other person, you have to accept them with their strengths and flaws. And accepting the flaws can be a tough task sometimes.

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Considering mature relationships here not the high-school ones. Taking the perspective of girlfriends in a relationship into consideration. We realise that women have been stereotyped as drama queens, pulling off unnecessary tantrums, seeking extra attention and not being much supportive. But has anyone ever consider asking her why she behaves like this? She needs attention, not extra, not every time. She needs all attention for some time. And if you give her that, she will everything you have ever asked for. That’s the thing about women, if you give them what they want, they will give you everything they have. So, if googling good morning messages for girlfriend and sending her the best ones makes her day extra special, what’s wrong with that? What is wrong with giving her the attention she wants. Wait, let’s correct it a little what is wrong with giving her the attention she deserves.

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In the morning, every girlfriend thinks about her boyfriend first. He is the first though inside her head. And if she finds a text from him in the morning, it makes her feel like she is special. She has some value in his life. These small gestures decide for game changers at the time clashes. These small gestures count the most. Good morning messages for girlfriend might just save your day. If she’s happy, she will never let you down. She will try her best to keep you pumped up and happy. The reason is you are the reason for her happiness. There might be a possibility that you were not aiming to be one. But being the emotional being that she is, she makes you the centre of her gravity. And when you support her, she is stable and needs nothing more.