There are few things more annoying than needing to go to work or take care of other business, or even just needing to go home, and being stuck in a garage or even on the side of the road.

It’s frustrating, it’s expensive,  and it can even be scary when a car you’re depending on starts acting odd in an unfamiliar neighborhood or dies on a busy street. Bad things never happen at convenient times,  and can happen when you have groceries or children with you. If your car malfunctions while you’re going fast, you could be badly hurt or killed.

Finding a car to trust

With the longest lasting vehicles of any full line automobile manufacturer, Toyota offers the kind of longevity other car makers can’t. A pre-owned Toyota’s warranty is as good as or better than some other new car warranties.

Most cars need to be retired during the same time period a Toyota owner is just getting used to the car. Americans are owning their cars longer, but the amount of money being spent on repairs is staying about the same overall.  

People get new cars partly because they know they’ll spend less on repairs when the entire vehicle is made of new parts. But not everyone can afford to buy new cars on a regular basis,  and  in some cases it’s not necessary.

Toyotas have a reputation for running until they fall apart, and the pre-owned Toyota’s warranty covers many of the big problems that can come up.

Personal Experience

After buying a new used car about every six months for a couple of years,  I was feeling desperate.  I couldn’t afford all those cars,  I couldn’t afford a new car,  and I couldn’t afford not to work. A friend was trading in his Toyota and led me to the solution that saved me time,  money and peace of mind.

Pre-owned Toyotas still have a lot of life but they don’t have the problems of other makes or the expense of a new car. I would love to buy a new Toyota someday, so I could get every feature I want and even choose my favorite color. But this is more than good enough for now.