Your wedding is important, and it’s the biggest formal occasion of your life. You want to make sure that you have the photos to remember it. The right wedding photographer will capture the best moments of your big day, but there are a few rules you might want to make the photographer and your guest aware of. These rules will keep you and your photographer stress-free.

Keep your camera away during the ceremony

Everyone has a camera in their pocket, now, and in-laws and friends are more ready than ever to use them at your wedding. While it might be nice to have some candid photos from your big day, you should consider telling your guests to keep their cameras and phones put away during certain parts of the wedding and reception. This allows wedding photographers to get the best shots without anyone standing in the way.

Ask your guests not to take pictures during the ceremony, the first dance, the cake cutting and the toasts. These are the events you want to document professionally. Make a sign politely asking your guests to sit back and enjoy the party instead of snapping pictures.

Use a special hashtag

For all the other times during the reception, candid photos are a great way to document the day. You want to make sure you get a chance to see all of the goofy selfies, too. Create a special wedding hashtag like #JohnsonWedding17 that your guests can use when they post on social media. Once the night is over, you can head to Facebook and Instagram and filter your search based on your unique hashtag. This is a great way to have pictures to share while you’re waiting for the professional shots.

Don’t bother the photographer

It shouldn’t have to be said, but the wedding photographer is working for the bride and groom. Guests shouldn’t ask for a personal photo without the newlyweds involved. If you have a few narcissistic relatives, you can tell your photographer exactly what kind of photos you want from your big day and to deny requests for impromptu glamor shots. A professional will be able to deny those requests without starting a family feud.

Don’t wear white. Or off-white. Or…

This is another old wedding rule that guests forget too often. It seems like nearly every wedding has a someone who thinks “eggshell” doesn’t count as white. Hues that are too close bridal can be distracting in wedding photos. It might be tempting to drop a snarky comment to the offending guest, but the best solution is just to ask your photographer to avoid the white-wearer as much as possible in photos.

The most important thing to know is, even if you do set ground rules for the photography at your wedding, things will still go wrong. Make sure you hire a photographer you can trust to give you the best photos from your big day. Then you can focus on making happy memories in the moment.