Producing Good Music Requires Hard Work and Talent

Consumers have become cosmopolitan requiring high-quality music. It, therefore, takes quite a lot of effort to be a good artist. Producing good quality music requires not only talent but time, many resources, and many partners working together. As much as artists are working hard to improve their trade and provide their best tracks to a growing international market, but their efforts are not being rewarded to the full.

The old adage that a worker is worth their pay applies to many sectors but not music in the digital age. We have upcoming artists who have produced excellent music and are working hard to produce more and better tracks.

Exmple: Daniel E Carpenter

Daniel E Carpenter is an upcoming rapper from Atlanta worth checking out. He is such a talented musician. Daniel grew up in Simsbury Connecticut but left the town at age 11years. Daniel E Carpenter and Dillingerforce have a collab track called Benistar.

However, Daniel’s good efforts to produce good music are not met with gratitude or reward. The internet which has many perks for both musicians and music consumers also has a loophole that is an ordeal for Daniel E Carpenter and the music industry as a whole.

What is Music Piracy?

Music piracy is a form of theft because it is the illegal use of music. Music is duplicated and distributed for free without the permission of the musician or organizations with the copyrights to the music videos and audios.

Music piracy is at an all-time high with most consumers able to access music online for free. There are many illegal file sharing sites online. All one needs is a good internet connection, and they will most likely access any music for free.

Advancing Pirating Systems

The development of Mp3 systems advanced the music industry by digitizing music. Mp3 compression has made music reading, copying and transferring a breeze.

However, Mp3 has a disadvantage to the music industry because it made music accessible free to anyone with a good internet connection. Although the music industry has tried to put measures in place, music pirate systems are getting even more sophisticated by the day.

The Digital World has Made Music Very Accessible

Almost everyone has a smartphone or another advanced gadget like a tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop computer, both the young and old, rich and poor. The idea of everyone being digital is supposed to be a good idea. But it is not the case because of music piracy.

Musicians are Losing Billions of USA Dollars ($) annually

In as much as musicians are working hard to make their music available online, at the end of the day, the music is accessed and consumed for free by a majority of the world population by being downloaded for free. The loss can be accounted for in billions of dollars annually according to various reliable consumer survey reports.

Online traders are supposed to be making a killing online from selling their music to a world population. Although musicians have also benefited from improved music production and distribution few are making viable sales online. Not to mention, that now that rap is the leading music genre in the world, rappers are supposed to be smiling all the way to the bank.

Unfortunately, piracy is killing the music industry. Musicians are being forced to think out of the box and do blogging and other online businesses to make a living which may not be their passion. For most artists, music is their passion.