Cannabis is very potent medicine and its proper usage is what makes its effects last longer and in a healthier way. Like any other topical substance, it has to be used in a proper way. Cannabis is not only meant to be smoked.

The cannabis oil can be used in different ways like under the tongue or infused into other ointments like creams and moisturizers and edibles like cookies, brownies, tacos or along with juices or capsules.

How to use cannabis oil correctly?

The production of cannabis oil in Canada is relatively new and so doctors haven’t found the correct doses for cannabis oil or dried cannabis. One ml of cannabis oil contains 125 mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The equivalency factor of Cannabis Oil Canada is different from a different producer. Always use a dropper to check the correct dosage of the cannabis oil.

The cannabis oils in Canada should be liquid at room temperature with fixed THC allowed per milliliter of oil. The cannabis oil in Canada marketed by Zenabis is already in their active state. This means that cannabinoids in them if ingested will produce the desired results without being heated or vaporized.

The right cannabis oil should not contain any added flavor or taste and its natural earthy scent should prevail. If cannabis oil is mixed with other ingredients or carriers then the natural absorbance of the oil is delayed.

When should you consume cannabis oil?

For cannabis oil, low concentrations should be followed as the first application might result in nausea, dizziness, thirst and elevate blood sugar levels too. Even if cannabis oil is over-consumed then ginger tea will help to reduce the anxiety.


Cannabis Oil Canada is a very good medication for curing various ailments. However, right concentrations and use is highly recommended. The purest form of cannabis oil in Canada is produced by Zenabis.