Pearls of good quality are very durable. You need to take proper care of it to keep them lustrous and looking beautiful forever. We are presenting here a few tips that will help you take good care of pearls.


You need to gently wipe your pearl ornament using a soft cloth. This will remove all perfume, sweat, dirt and excess oils from it. Click here to get more info about pearl’s upkeep and maintenance.


Pearls need to be stored by keeping some distance from other objects to avoid scratches on their surfaces. All you would need is to wrap it in linen, or a soft cloth, and place it inside a soft pouch.

It is not advised to store your precious gem in an airtight container or a plastic carry bag. This is because pearls require moisture. A dry environment can cause a pearl to get a crack on it. If you place it in a safety box or in a hot environment, then you must place a wet cloth close to it. Try to remove the pearls from there as early as possible to prevent any cracks on it.

Keeping them away from chemicals

It is advised to prevent pearls from coming in contact with chlorine bleach, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, hairspray, ammonia, cosmetics, and perfume as such substances can cause damage to its surface.

Don’t wear pearls when indulging in any physical activity

Sweat can cause the pearl to lose its luster. It is important to remove whatever pearl jewellery you wear at the time of performing any activity that makes you sweat.

Do not immerse your precious pearls inside water as the chlorine present in water will make it weak. This will cause your pearl to break away easily. So, keep them away at the time of taking showers, doing dishes, swimming and any other water-based activity.


To keep your priceless jewellery in the best condition forever, you must take good care of it. From handling to cleaning and keeping it, you must practice right ways to take care of your jewellery.