The bedroom is the important part of the home. Its design and interior directly affect our mood. We all use lots of creative articles to make our bedroom unique. The bed is the main thing in the room and from a long-time beautiful design and material of bed mattress and bed sheets are taking part in improving the beauty of the room. Super queen bed sheets, single bedsheet, king bed sheets and much more variety of bed sheets are available depending on the size of your bed. Bed sheets are the type of sheets that are placed below or above the bed mattress. These are either flat sheets or fitted ones. Fitted bed sheets are more popular because of the elastic band around the sheets which fits perfectly to the mattress. It prevents the slipping of the sheet.

Types of Bed sheets in the World

Bed sheets are of two types Flat Sheets and fitted sheets. The flat sheet is a normal rectangular sheet of cloth. A fitted sheet as discussed above is fitted with the mattress with the help of elastic. Bed sheets are normally sold in 4 piece set. It contains a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.

Bed sheets are of different types; single bed sheets, twin bed sheets, king bed sheets, queen bed sheets. Popularly bed sheets made up of cotton are used a lot. Blends of polyester also serve the purpose. Apart from these linen, silk, modal, bamboo rayon, polypropylene, lyocell is also used as raw material in

Good quality of bed sheets normally decides by its thread count. Higher the thread count softer is the sheet. Starting from 400 thread count to 1000 thread count and more is produced in great quantity. Sometimes the weave and type of thread can also affect the quality of the sheet. It means, it is possible that sheet with lower thread count can be softer than higher thread count.

The material of bed sheets

Look and feel of any bed sheet is dependent on the yarn quality of the sheet. Finer the yarns finer the sheet fabric. The weight of the bed sheet is depending on the ply. Ply shows how many fabrics are twisted together at the time of sheet creation.

According to a number of ply count, A 3 ply 400 thread count bed sheets feel heavier as compared to one ply 800 thread bed sheet.

The popular material used to make bed sheets are percale, sateen, flannel, muslin, knitted jersey.

Price of the bed sheets

Normally sheets made up of polyester fine fibers are affordable. They are soft and highly durable. They are made up of microfiber-fabric. They resist pilling. But they are less breathable than sheets made up of cotton.

Some people may get skin rashes due to use of polyester. So cotton in spite of being on the higher side of price is the best choice for bed sheets. They are available in different colors but the use of white and grey is popular in the market.

Cotton jersey sheets are available in low price. They are not woven but knitted. It is a t-shirt fabric. So this can be a choice for some people. It’s like using a soft t-shirt to sleep on.

It is very important to select right choice of bed sheets from the market. Here are some important tips that you can use while buying a good quality bed sheet.

  • Look for good fiber content

Ideally pure cotton is best to use as a bed sheet. It is very soft and hygienic. Egyptian was also known as Pima cotton is softer and can be used for longer time. It is premium and extra-long staple cotton. Only thing is that they are more expansive than any other material. Sometimes cotton and polyester mix bends are also affordable and durable.

  • Thread count myth

Sometimes, bed sheets are manufactured with the use of the special technique that makes it higher in thread count but quality wise poor. Beware of this kind of the manufacturing system.

  • The different weave of bed sheets

Percale is one of the most basic weave used which is grid-like. It is light and crisp. Satin weave is smooth and silky. You can select what you want most. Both the weaves are good and different in their appearance.

  • Sheets that don’t fit your mattress

Sometimes. It is possible that queen size of king size bed sheets does not fit you queen/king size bed mattress. It is because of mattress depth. Some are 50cm and some are of mega depth. In this case, use a mattress topper and measure your mattress depth before buying sheets. Fitted sheets normally good for the 15-inch mattress.

  • Return policy

It is hard to decide only by looking at the cover of a bed sheet. Sometimes it will possible that you may not like it after putting it on the mattress. Many internet brands do have return policy even after few months. Try to look for that.