Moving can be a stressful feat especially if you don’t plan things ahead or if you don’t necessarily have a system in order. Boxing up your things can already take so much of your time, and there are still many other issues you need to consider.

But aside from packing all of your belongings and arranging the transport of your items from point A to B, there is one essential part of moving that most people tend to neglect or at least forget, and that is packing your moving day bag.

While you can always hire a moving company, like Self Move Hire, to pack the rest of your belongings, only you can and should prepare what you need during the move. Whether it will be an overnight bag or a larger suitcase, here are six pointers when packing your essentials.

  1. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items

Before you even start filling up your suitcase, make sure that all unnecessary items are gone. That means getting rid of old, worn out shoes, same pairs of sunglasses, or even the countless accessories you own. Take this moment to purge items that you no longer use, rarely use, or simply holding on to because of its sentimental value. Downsizing the items you own will make it easier for you to pack your moving day bag.

  1. Protect Your Bag Or Suitcase

Especially if you use a softer bag or luggage, it is important that you line it with a protective covering to keep all of your essentials clean and dry. You can either use some packing paper or some plastic wrap to line all the sides of your luggage to keep them safe.

  1. Roll Your Garments

One of the best and most effective ways to pack your clothes in a bag or suitcase is to roll them. By doing so, not only are you saving more space, but you are also keeping them more wrinkle-free. You can either roll each item of clothing or roll an entire outfit all at once. Organize them neatly inside your suitcase, and you’ll see how much of a difference it makes in comparison to the typical folding method.

  1. Keep Essentials On Top

No matter how little or how many items you are bringing with you on your suitcase, it’s crucial to pack smart. With that said, to help you get to your things easily, keep your essentials on the very top of the luggage. These essentials will usually comprise an entire change of clothes along with your toiletries, a pair of shoes, and your electronics. Doing so will make it easy for you to grab your things without rummaging through all your things.

  1. Use The Stuffing Method

Aside from the rolling method, stuffing smaller items into larger pieces allows you to save on some space while keeping the more delicate ones safe from any damages. On the other hand, you can also use this technique to keep the shape of your belongings intact. For instance, use extra pairs of socks and stuff them inside your boots.

  1. Bonus Tips

Bring a couple of empty grocery bags or tote bags. You can use it to store dirty clothes or for other things during your move.

Remember to pack travel-sized toiletries to save up on space and place them in a waterproof bag. Don’t have one? Use a Ziploc bag instead.

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Final Word

While the rest of your items are safe with your movers, make sure that everything you need is with you during the move. Take note of these tips to ensure that you have a more stress-free move next time.