Nobody is happy when something goes wrong with an order. The product could arrives faulty, a service may not be delivered to a high enough standard or a stipulation could not be met. Any of these could happen with any order and you don’t want to leave you customer with a totally negative experience. Even though they have had one bad experience with you it doesn’t mean that they will never order with you again. You just need to treat them right and handle the customer correctly and they may purchase the same product or another item with you again. In this article we are going to discuss various ways of compensating the customer when something goes wrong with their order.

Discount code for next order

One of the best results that you could get out of this situation is not having to pay anything and managing to satisfy them. This is what you will get when you are able to satisfy them with a discount code for their next order. It is easy to send them a code and, depending on how much it is worth, you won’t be losing too much money as well. This is also a benefit as well as it ensures that customers will be coming back to you instead of going with a competitor. Issues may arise with how severe the problem is as this may not be enough to satisfy someone where the order went entirely wrong.

Send another product

Another way to solve an issue where the product they have received is wrong is to send them the item again. This is a great way to make things better with the client as they will get the thing they desire with nothing additional to them which will make them more than likely happy to purchase again with you. The only issue being that it will cost more with you so you may not earn too much on the order. If they order again though, it would be worth the loss.

A free printed item

You can send them an item as a way of apologising for the error if nothing can be done to fix it. For example, if a service you provided was for a specific event and wasn’t done to standard. You don’t have to send an item form your original line of stock as you could send them a printed product with your logo on it. A high quality item with a genuine use can be quite effective as they will appreciate the gesture. For example, if you send your client a printed mug with a message apologising for the mistake and saying you are willing to help on anything else in the future they may feel happy about the sincerity and give you another chance in the future. Get your own printed mugs from here


Similar to the last idea, you could send your customer a gift voucher for another website as compensation. People love receiving gift vouchers as it means they can get something they want elsewhere for free or for a discount. Receiving one of these is bound to make them happy and can convince them to reorder in the future.


Although not the result you want it is sometimes the only thing you can do to leave them happy. Refunding them the entire amount means that you will be losing money on the order they have made which is not preferable. You may lose money now but it is in the hope that you will make back the money in the future and you do this by making them happy. Plus if they have seen that you have made a sacrifice to make them happy, the more pleased they will be.