Installing equipment used for moving objects and the material handling of equipment such as wire ropes and jacks is a crucial skill in any project operations. The personnel associated with setting up the rigging equipment are responsible not only for designing and installing crane rigging equipment but also overseeing operations of the equipment. Because riggers deal with quite sophisticated equipment essential for economic productivity, they undergo rigorous training. In many countries, the Occupational Safety and Health Administrations have set elaborate procedural standards to be observed to ensure safety in the rigging workplace. All companies in operation are required by law to follow these standards lest they lose their operational license.

Crane rigging is useful in a variety of object movements. Depending on the type of equipment set up, rigging can be used to either lift, roll or slide objects. Rigging services are helpful in many sectors chief among them being the construction and manufacturing and logistics industries. Rigging is priceless in the crucial manufacturing and logistics sector. The speculated contribution of rigging to this industry is enormous as there is no single physical commerce item that can be produced without rigging equipment; from conveyors to lifting trucks either in retail stores or manufacturing factories.

Rigging is used to move or handle material over a short distance usually within buildings often between point of packaging and point of transportation. In the construction industry, rigging is utilized for a list of purposes most notable of which is structure relocation. Structure relocation basically involves the process of transporting a structure from one place and setting it up in another place. If the distance to be covered in the relocation is short, then the whole structure can be moved. However, if the distance to be covered is relatively longer, the structure can be moved in bits then finally reassembled in the new location. Rigging equipment mostly used in structure relocation include cribbing beams and hydraulic dolly system.

Rigging is also used to some extent for other important use such as in the military to drop and lift war equipment such as dropping vehicles from airplanes and lifting submarines to ships. Rigging is also applied in the energy and communication sectors to set up equipment such as wind turbines and satellites.

All-West Crane & Rigging Ltd

All-West Crane & Rigging Ltd is a company specializing in crane and operator rentals for hire in Canada. The privately-owned firm is famed for its role in providing reliable, efficient and safety-oriented cranes and equipment consistently over twenty years of operations.

The group has recognition from the BC Construction Safety Alliance for its dedication in ensuring safety of its workers. The company also earned the 2016 Profit 500 Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies award.

All-West Crane & Rigging Ltd offers a variety of crane rigging services including three-dimensional lift planning, specialized rigging, and sale of cranes, transport fleet and many other more services.