Finding the best home construction companies Ottawa has to offer is not easy. You will need to know what questions to ask in order to judge their competency. Luckily, we have compiled a short guide on how to filter out the best contractors for the job.

Evaluating Your Own Construction Needs

First of all, you have the responsibility of determining what kind of home you want. Even the best home construction companies Ottawa has to offer will simply be providing the labor to construct your imagined design. You will need to ask the contractor what kinds of homes they specialize in, and see a portfolio of previous homes to determine if their experience matches your idea of a home. A company specializing in concrete commercial buildings will likely not be the best fit to build a two-bedroom family home.

Tracing Back To Previous Customers

Any company can make claims that they are the best home construction companies Ottawa had ever witnessed. Thanks to the internet, customer reviews are freely shared through social media so that we can see unfiltered opinions. Search through all social media outlets, including Facebook and Yelp, to determine if the contractor has left their previous customers a satisfactory experience. It also should raise some red flags if the company does not have any sort of internet prescience.

Look Up The Value Of Their Previous Work

A stable value of a home is one of the ways to determine that a house is well built. If available, look at homes in their portfolio and check each address on Zillow. Check how well the value of the home increased or decreased in value. If the home had been sold frequently with rapidly lowering price, it is a sign that the quality of the house is very poor. If a property is listed for sale, you may ask the real estate agent to let you inside for a self-inspection.

Interviewing The Potential Builder

You should dig deeper into questions regarding the contractor’s pricing and timeframe of construction.

Consider the following:

  • Does the company offer financing options?
  • What kind of materials do they recommend and is there room for customization in that regard?
  • Is there a possibility for emergency fees during the project and how will payments be handled?
  • Will his company include clearing out the land prior to the start of constructing?
  • Does the design of the home allow for additions to be added easily?

Contract Woes

In the end, you simply want the contracting company to build the house for the agreed fee. More often than not, contracting companies will write up the contract themselves so you must read it so that it is not entirely in their favor. If you are worried or their contract is fishy, you can always hire an attorney to draw up a custom contract so that you are protected.

A contract must specify in detail the work that the contractor is expected to complete. You cannot rely on them to complete tasks that are not on paper so be sure to include the full story. Deadlines and the terms of payment should also be clearly defined so that the project is completed in a timely manner.