Switzerland watches are world famous. They are specially known for their handcrafted watches. The Swiss smart watches are now gaining momentum. Though there are smart watches from other big names in the electronics and computer industry, the Swiss watches always hold a very special place in the hearts of the people. Therefore, a compilation on the best brands from Switzerland in the smart phones section is definitely needed for those who are crazy about buying different watches from the land of antique watches. Karl Kieser runs a new watch company that is based in Zurich and they seem to provide the quality as high as the old brands at much lesser prices

Inherent brands of Swiss and their venture into smart watches making:

The swiss smart watches are a unique blend of history and westernization. Two such brands and their description are given below:


Tissot can be stated as the latest sensation in the Swiss smart watches market. The Tissot is already a huge name in the watch making arena and they have a brand-new series of smart watches named “Smart Touch”. This watch might not have the same to same features as that of the android smartphones but they have some other great features that makes the brand not lose its charm. The watch is designed for people who have great love for fashion.

  • The feature of GPS tracking will help one to get back on the right track in case they miss out on the routes.
  • A battery that lasts for a year having a solar panel that is in-built is another added advantage.
  • The air one breathes in and the level of humidity in the air can be stated as other important features.    

Mondaine Helvetica

When one expects to have a unique design for watches, then the external appearance of the watch should be compromised upon. Mondaine Helvetica has released a new set of smart watches that will help one to buy the unique designs that are coupled with beauty. There is a secondary dial in this watch that helps one to check their progress towards various goals of the day.

This watch will note down the number of hours one slept and the number of hours one is awake.

  • The feature of smart alarms to wake up one for getting ready for work on time.
  • The watch is capable of reading the human activity and thus it monitors the calorie counts, the steps that are taken and the distance that is covered.
  • The phone has a battery life of 2 years.

Therefore, a Swiss based smartphone brand is always a preferred one for watch lovers.