Farmers are usually simple men leading their simple lives and being perfectly content with them. They like their routine and don’t like change all that much. It’s not like they have anything against new experiences per se, but in order to experience something new they’d have to disrupt their daily lives, which places them way outside their comfort zone. Single farmers are definitely more open to new things in life, but what about those who are parts of happy couples? If you’ve got a farmer of your dreams, and are dying to see Italy with him, how exactly do you convince him that traveling to a distant country is a good idea?

#1: Baby Steps Matter

If your beau has never been out of the US, and doesn’t even have a passport (Canada doesn’t count) you’ll want to introduce him to travel slowly but surely. Put together a romantic weekend for two in Vermont or suggest you go visit his cousins in Montana. If the only place he’s willing to go is Florida in January, don’t waste an opportunity to have him enjoy his time away from home. Pack light, check your demanding self at the door, and show him how much you appreciate him doing something nice for you.

#2: Let Him Pick a Destination

You might already have a destination in mind, but in case you don’t or are flexible, give him the option to choose. Not only might his choice surprise you, but him taking initiative could prove pretty fruitful – he might like it! Don’t impose too many restrictions, wishes you secretly are hoping would come true or put too much pressure on him to go and give you the trip of a lifetime. Go easy on him, treat him with love and care like you always do, and eventually he’ll feel the need to reciprocate, especially once he realizes how happy it would make you.

#3: Get Him Excited About New Things

Farmers like their routines and don’t care for excitement very much. At the same time, they’re very loyal companions and wouldn’t hurt a fly, which is one of the reasons why you picked him in the first place. Getting someone like that excited about new things is not an easy feat, but it’s totally doable. Start off by changing things up in your cooking. Try a new spice, prepare his steak in a different way, add more desserts to his diet or learn how to make a killer cheesecake if that’s not on your menu already. Change your hair a little bit, buy yourself a few new items of clothing, and suggest a kind of date night the two of you don’t often go for. Ease into this introduction of new things or he’ll see right through it, and don’t put too much emphasis on them. Let him absorb it all nice and slow before you suggest that big step.