Using the right tool for any job is the key to a “job well done” and that is certainly the case for cleaning floors. It can be a back breaking, constant and almost impossible task, especially in event venues, shopping establishments and commercial institutions. That is why a floor scrubber machine is the tool when it comes to cleaning and maintaining floors. But what exactly is a floor scrubber machine and how do you select the right one for you?

A floor scrubber is either an electric or battery operated machine that uses different types of attachments to loosen and remove dirt and set in grime from a floor. It can also strip a floor to prepare it for a new finish. Another term for floor scrubber machine is floor machine.

The most common and traditional floor scrubber is the single-disk type and has been used in both domestic and commercial situations for many years. Basically a motor is used to move a cleaning pad or brush in a circular motion. The user walks behind the machine to direct the cleaning. It is a comfortable and time efficient way to clean a large area. A single-disk rotary scrubber is usually electric and features a long cord so a large area can be covered without interruption. There are some on the market that use rechargeable batteries, too. This popular machine can be used for scrubbing, polishing, stripping, waxing or even carpet cleaning. There are a variety of attachments to accomplish these different tasks.

Another type of floor scrubber machine is the automatic floor scrubber and is used exclusively to clean floors. In this “set it and forget it” world we live in this is perfect for establishments that require constant cleaning. These machines feature an automatic on-board reservoir that supplies and dispenses cleaning solution. Brushes on the bottom move to clean the floor. They also feature a dirty water recovery reservoir where a squeegee absorbs the dirty water and vacuums it off of the floor leaving the floor almost dry. Some even feature a clean water tank. Depending on the machine, the user either rides on or walks behind the machine while it does all the work. This makes is user friendly and prevents user fatigue. These machines are usually powered by rechargeable batteries that are simply plugged into a charger when the unit isn’t in use.

It is important to note that there are a variety of floor scrubber machines on the market today. Each one is designed for different tasks and it is important to understand what your needs are before deciding. These machines make it much easier and user friendly than traditional mops and buckets but as with any cleaning task, there is also machine clean up and maintenance to consider.