We buy a refrigerator in order to keep various foods and vegetables in fresh condition for a number of days as the environment in the fridge is very cool and dry. Having said this, you must also be careful about following items while storing them in the fridge.

  • Onions

You must always prefer a place which is dry and cool so that onion remains fresh. In case, you keep onions in the fridge then make sure that the area has no moisture otherwise the onions will turn mouldy and soft.

  • Coffee beans

Whether it is Haier fridge or any other make, if you store coffee inside the fridge its flavour may become dull.

  • Olive oil

If you store olive oil then due to cold temperature, it may get hardened almost like butter. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to pour out the oil when you will really need them for your normal use.

  • Bananas

The ripening process of banana slows down if you keep banana in the fridge therefore prefer to keep them in normal outside environment. Also, the moisture inside the fridge will rot the bananas.

  • Potatoes

By keeping potatoes in cool temperature of the fridge, its starch will turn into sugar very rapidly therefore it is better to keep them in normal environment and store them inside the plastic bags.

  • Avocado

In case the avocado that you have purchased is not sufficiently ripe then don’t place them ins the fridge as it will not allow it to ripen due to cold temperature. You can place them inside the fridge only if it is already ripe.

  • Garlic

If you keep garlic in the fridge then you are helping it to sprout. It will also tend to become mouldy and rubbery. Apparently, they may look the same but when you try to use them, you will realize that garlic has changed.

  • Bread

If you keep bread inside the fridge then it will tend to dry up faster. Bread can also get stale faster and it may become tough to chew. However, after making sandwich you may keep inside the fridge.

  • Tomatoes

All the flavour of tomato will be lost if you keep them in the fridge and also its ripening process will also slow down.

  • Honey

Honey can be stored in any place and it will stay good. However, if you prefer to keep inside the fridge then the sugar crystallization process will speed up and it will become difficult to use it.

  • Melons

If you have not cut the melon then it should not be placed inside the fridge. It loses some of its property inside the fridge. However, if it is cut then you can place it in the fridge but make sure to cover it.

  • Pumpkin

It is much better to keep pumpkin in any well-ventilated areas rather than inside the fridge.

  • Peanut butter

Your peanut butter will turn hard and dry by storing it in the fridge.

All these are true for all kinds of refrigerators of Godrej or any other brands that are available in the market.