Paris is the capital city of France and the most populated city as well. Due to its historic monuments and highly exclusive architecture, this city is well known as tourist destination. People from whole world arrive in the season to visit all monuments out of which Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower is known by everyone. Along with monument tours Paris food tours is also included by some tourist guides as French cuisine has contributed a lot to the Western culture. Hence, people love to taste the authentic French cuisine to remember that flavor forever.

Here are some destinations that you may wish to visit apart from Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame which will be captured in your memory forever –

  • If you want to shop around, then take the bridge, the Pont Saint Louis, behind Notre Dame that will straight take you to the street market, Ile Saint Louis. However, if you prefer brand names, then you should visit Rue Saint Honore which is taken over by the world’s famous fashion brands.
  • Explore the entire city on boat which is a two to four hours of ride or you can hop into a Bateau bus that will take you to a tour of Paris.
  • Visit the rose phoenix museum that has the highest collection of Picasso’s masterpiece.
  • Louvre which is the world’s biggest art museum contains the most famous paintings of Mona Lisa, Winged Victory and Venus de Milo.
  • Marais is the shopping area of Paris which is also known for historic mansions, cafes, bars, museums and old Jewish quarters.
  • Apart from Eiffel Tower, you should also view Paris from the highest peak of Sacred Heart Basilica.
  • Whether it is Gallery Vivienne or Passage of Grand Cerf, the entire shopping mall is covered with glass ceiling mosaic floor, gems and marbles. This gives the Parisians a luxurious way of shopping under the warmth of sunlight penetrating through glass ceiling.
  • If you’re a chocolate lover, then you should surely take out time to visit St. Germain of the Pres that has more than 20 styles of chocolate shops with their own signature style.
  • To know the cultural and political history of France, you should pay visit to cemetery Pere Lachaise.

Since tourists are so busy in visiting monuments entire day that they forget about street markets which is the reflection of real Paris and its culture. No matter how busy you’re, you should always explore local markets nearby to know their culture.