The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine had recently published one of their most popular reports where they’ve investigated the impacts of electronic cigarettes. They have reviewed more than 800 scientific studies and have drawn numerous conclusions on the effect e-cigarettes have on human health. With their widespread use, there is always a requirement for an in-depth analysis of how e-cigs are good for health, as compared to the tobacco cigarettes.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 15% of the American adults have tried vaping an e-cig and around 4% of them have begun to use them on a regular basis. They’re actually more common among the young and 20% of the adults who were between 18 and 24 tried them, though the number seems to decline with age. In spite of their rapid use, the health impacts of these cigarettes aren’t clear.

There are few circumstances, like when they’re used by the adults who have never smoked before, they can face some adverse impacts. When the adult smokers use e-cigs to quit smoking, they provide an opportunity to diminish the chances of all sorts of illnesses related to smoking.

Nicotine and cancer – Are e-cigarettes are at risk?

Reports found evidence that most of the things that are contained in e-cigarettes are to some extent toxic. The report also found the evidence that those who entirely substitute tobacco cigarettes for electronic cigarettes reduce the exposure to several toxicants and other carcinogens which are there in the tobacco cigarettes that are combustible. In terms of nicotine intake, exposure to nicotine from the e-cigarettes is comparatively much lower than that of tobacco cigarettes.

There are lots of evidence, the increase in heart rate post nicotine intake from the electronic cigarette and the intake of chemicals which are present in e-cigarettes aerosols can cause DNA damage but the harm is much less than that caused by tobacco cigarettes. However, if you take into account the long term impacts of electronic cigarettes, they not only help you in quitting smoking once and for all, but their health impacts are also far lesser than tobacco cigarettes.

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