If you are thinking that you have some kind of addiction then don’t take them lightly. Addiction of some kind can be disastrous and can destroy life, career and relationship of a person. When you are suffering from online gambling addiction then talk to your friends and family. You can take help of your doctor who can recommend mental health professional. There are some questions the doctor will ask or you can ask yourself can help diagnose the disorder. They are:

  • First thing that you need to do is to ask questions related to your gambling habits. The way you behave while gambling can be the answers to whether you have disorder or not. Doctors can talk to family and friends to know more your behavior which can help evaluate your problem.
  • Doctors for the diagnosis make a psychiatric assessment to understand the mental problem including compulsive gambling.
  • A physical exam of the person is done to make sure he or she does not suffer from any other health problems or have any allergies to drug that will be prescribed.
  • There is a Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM-5) published by American Psychiatric Association. It has all the criteria to diagnose gambling disorder.

Treatment for gambling disorder

Just like any addiction, a person suffering from gambling addiction don’t accept the problem. Hence it becomes difficult to treat compulsive and excessive gambling disorder. However if a proper diagnosis is done then a treatment approach can be taken up to treat the person. Therapy like behavior therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy works well for such type of addiction. Along with therapy the doctors prescribe drugs to help them with problems that come along with gambling disorder like depression, OCD, anxiety etc. Several self-help groups are available that work with the person and encourage them to stop this addiction.