Deck resurfacing is not on everyone’s priority list. In fact, deck resurfacing in Maryland is better done by a professional because it involves lots of work that most homeowners shy away from.

Decks suffer abuse from children playing on it, parties held on it and most of all, the different elements of weather. For that reason, it is extremely important to constantly clean your deck in order for it to stay in good shape years to come.

Cleaning a deck every day or week maintains its lifespan. A deck that is not maintained well, is a breeding ground for bacteria and other insects that can cause an accident when it is rotten and infested with termites.

If you are interested in resurfacing your deck, then the following steps are what a deck resurfacing Maryland professional will take.  


This is the first stage. Professionals will take the time to clean the surface. If you have plants on the deck or any furniture, they will cover it with plastic sheeting so that chemicals don’t spill on them. You can use a stipple brush and a cleaner to clean the wood fibers.

Inspection of the entire deck to look for loose parts will be conducted. Loose parts are those that are not in contact with the deck and are likely to cause an accident.


If you have an old deck that has been resurfaced or has stayed for long before being serviced, then you need to make repairs or patchwork. First, the cracks on the deck will be filled up with epoxy, so it is flat and smooth again. Also, some of the pieces of wood will can rotten over time which is removed and replaced with new pieces.


Once the cracks are filled with epoxy and the rotten wood is replaced, it is time for sanding the deck to make it even and smooth. There are plenty of benefits of sanding, for example:

  • It scrubs off and removes all the loose wood fibers avoiding cuts on your feet or your pet’s paws.
  • It also brings to light all the uneven planks, which might require further repairs.
  • Makes your deck look exquisite.


Final touches are applied after everything is done including a protective clear finish stain, paints or decking varnish. Unlike most paint, stains are preferred as they are absorbed well by the wood and have little chances of forming a film on the surface.


For all this work, a professional will take one or two days for the deck to be completely dry and ready to be used again. If you are a busy homeowner, all you need is a weekend to get your deck resurfacing done. Hiring a deck resurfacing Maryland professional to do this work for you is a cost-effective way without compromising the quality.