We all know that exercise is an essential part of being in good health, but many of us fail to integrate it into our daily routines. We read in newspapers and magazine articles that at least thirty minutes of exercise on a minimum of five days a week are essential to stay healthy and keep up your fitness. Doctors and other healthcare providers repeat the same information to us at our routine checkups. But we tend to forget or ignore this advice.

Part of it has to do with the fact that we live very hectic lifestyles but the tasks we perform are sedentary in nature and do not demand us to be physically active. This means that our muscles are not pushed to their full capacity, our heart does not have to work very hard to pump blood, and our lungs also can perform the essential task of breathing in and out without pushing its own capacity. In brief, our body begins to rust in the absence of exercise.

There are also psychological benefits of exercising that is equally often spoken about in the mainstream media. These include the idea that exercise is one of the steadiest and most reliable mood elevators and one of the strongest natural anti-depressants, not to mention that it is almost always low-cost.

Not surprisingly, studies have shown that relatively poorer people exercise less frequently than more affluent counterparts. This can be because of constraints of time, but is usually more often because the poor cannot set aside a budget for exercising for health maintenance. For exercising, a minimum of gear is a necessity, such as shoes and appropriate clothes (even if the person is only going for a run or a brisk power walk and not to the gym for a full fledged weight-training workout). When one is doing, for example, yoga or Pilates, one also needs a mat and towels. For certain kinds of workouts supplements are also recommended as a part of the whole exercise routine. And many of the poor cannot afford this even if the exercise is a recommendation made by a doctor.

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