Schools and churches are often rented for meetings and event locales that have nothing to do with neither academia nor the Divine. At times, events are scheduled for the same date and time. Hired crew personnel often aren’t aware that they have conflicting obligations. Perhaps the wait staff for the Elks Club annual awards dinner in the church social hall wouldn’t mind helping the Cub Scouts with their graduation ceremony and dinner, but crew scheduling software would have alleviated this problem.

Event Planning and Crew Scheduling Aren’t the Same Thing

Church leaders and school workers cum event planners use everything from their smart phones to their tablets and desktop calendars to plan their events. It’s easy to see how their venues can be double booked without a spreadsheet in front of them. If the church or school planner is in charge of finding crew personnel at the same time, it’s also easy to see how set-up, ushers, wait staff and cleanup crews can be mixed up. Software dedicated to scheduling these crews is a must for any event planner. Then the planner can concentrate strictly on the event.

What Does this Software Do?

Imagine software that allows church or school planners to view permanent and temp employees for an event. Imagine that the crew can tick the event they will work and tick when they finish. Highly qualified personnel might receive plum positions at events. Incoming qualified crew members might show they know their stuff at such events. The crew would be assigned to specific shifts. There would be no overtime. Crew members could manage their assignments. Event planners would ensure the tasks are completed by the crew when they see a tick.

How Does This Benefit Crew Members?

 Much like Uber and Lyft drivers, crew members would view the events or jobs for which crew is required. They would accept the job with a tick and show up at the proper church social hall or school gymnasium. Crew members might accept as many events or jobs as they can handle on the dates indicated. Temporary crew members would only see the events or jobs for which they are qualified. Their time would be automatically entered. Crew workers like these, much like Uber and Lyft drivers, would probably be paid by payment processors such as PayPal.

When All’s Said and Done

In the end, event planning and crew scheduling are different. They are two separate mindsets. Church leaders and school staff hosting events in their venues benefit from crew scheduling software, because if it’s done well, then the Elks Club and the Cub Scouts will rent the church social hall or the school gym again. That’s often a big help to both churches and schools.