Thinking about applying for a trademark in Canada? It might be a good idea to do it now because things could be changing when it comes to trademarks and you need to be aware of the changes.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a symbol, word or words legally registered for use as representing a brand. This can say a lot about a brand and it is best not to wait to apply because of the major changes coming in 2019 in Canada. It is unsure if this will make any impact on the trademark laws in the United States, so it is always best to talk with a trademark lawyer in Phoenix just in case.

Amendments to the Trade Marks Act

In 2019, there will be major amendments to the Trade Marks Act. One of the biggest changes is that someone who has never used or even intends to use a trademark can apply for one. A trademark usually forms the foundation of a brand, but next year, someone could end up registering before you get to it. And keep in mind, that most won’t give up their trademark rights without a large cash settlement.

Changes in cost

Costs will be another big change when it comes to trademarks in Canada in 2019. It currently costs $250 to apply for a trademark, but that includes as many goods and services you want. But next year, it will cost $250 for each class of goods and services applied for. If you have been on the fence about applying for a trademark in Canada, then you should highly consider doing it before the changes come in affect in 2019.