When shopping at your local Bloomington Dodge dealer you will come across a number of options for cars, so which one do you choose? Of course it’s going to depend on what suits your lifestyle and budget, but below are breakdowns of what might suite your needs.

Dodge Durango

Those interested in an SUV will find the Dodge Durango a solid choice. It’s the fastest and most capable SUV on the market. It’s great for those who like adventure but still prefer some luxury with leather-trimmed touches. Technology is abundant and you get a hint of the Dodge muscle car with the power in this SUV. With power you still get towing capacity and great fuel economy. There are more than 60 available safety features to keep everyone in your life safe.

Dodge Caravan

The Dodge Caravan is perfect for the growing family. It’s a versatile vehicle that gives you the space you need as well as the options to handle every job on your to-do list. The technology keeps the kids happy and the horsepower will ensure you get everyone where they need to be. With more than 55 standard and available safety features in it, the Caravan will keep your family safe for years to come.

Dodge Journey

If you are looking for storage space, it’s abundant with the Dodge Journey. There are plenty of adventures to be had with this vehicle. There is plenty of connectivity and technology for your friends and family during your adventures. The standard safety and security features are sure to make everyone safe and keep your belongings protected.

Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is built for speed and has set the record for the fastest quarter mile by a production car. The Challenger has a classic look, and with the new models Dodge has updated the car slightly, but it still maintains the classic appeal. Even in this muscle car it still comes with plenty of technology and the interior is designed with the driver in mind. With all the power you may think this car is not built for fuel efficiency, but Dodge did just that with Fuel Saver Technology that automatically deactivates four cylinders when all eight are unnecessary.

Dodge Charger

Dodge vehicles are all about performance and the Charger continues with that theme. You will get one unforgettable ride with this vehicle. The lean profile and designed interior ensure this vehicle gives you a top of the line driving experience. You will always be connected with the cutting-edge technology as well. Like the Challenger, the Charger also comes with Fuel Saver Technology to give you the best fuel performance. Top of the line safety keeps your passenger’s safe.

Whether you are looking for a new or used vehicle head over to your local Bloomington Dodge dealer to test drive these vehicles and find the Dodge of your dreams.