BSNL India is one of the most popular telecom service providers in the country. With its simple process of BSNL online recharge for its prepaid customers and online bill payment facility for its postpaid subscribers, this is one customer friendly company in India.

Getting internet access on one’s handset or laptop is surely beneficial but it has its downside too. Especially when there are children around. For all its subscribers who use the BSNL online recharge or use the e-payment method to access internet, the company behaves socially responsible and hence has taken up the following initiatives:

  1. The company has shared a list of essential parenting tips and checklist for parents to supervise their children. The modern digital world has lots of Apps and programs that facilitate parental control on computers, mobiles and game consoles, social media sites and even search engines like Google.
  2. Use technology to study and gather relevant information from online sites along with your children.
  3. Setting up guidelines for children for accessing internet at home and school. Time management is also an important factor here so that children are not spending too much time online.
  4. Protect your children’s privacy on the internet by studying relevant policies related to internet privacy.

The other important issues today are regarding cybercrimes. As responsible users of mobile telephony one must be aware of the negative effects of accessing internet through BSNL online recharge and e-payments and must make sure of the following:-

  1. Cyber stalking – this refers when one is being followed on the digital medium persistently by an individual or a group of people
  2. Cyber bullying – bullies are present on the digital media too. One needs to understand the difference between bullying and friendly actions and take necessary steps to avoid the former.
  3. Hacking – a very common cybercrime where intelligent criminals access your computer, laptop, phone, email, social media sites, other accounts in an unauthorized manner. They are able to then distort your personal information or use the information to further their negative activities.
  4. Identity theft – this happens when a certain section of criminally minded people use your password of unique identification numbers without your consent.
  5. Offensive communication – when individuals or a group of people send offensive messages and comments or information to another person with the purpose of insulting or deceiving the person.

Often hears news of people accessing other person’s information without authorization through phishing emails. With his connection active after BSNL online recharge, often the receiver is innocent enough to open the phishing links that actually takes the user to fake websites and asks for personal information. The unsuspecting user generally provides the information that results in the group of cybercriminals misuse the same.

So while the company facilitates BSNL online recharge and online payment of bills it performs its job as a conscious service provider and mentions the do’s and don’ts for its subscribers asking its subscribers to be cautious in opening up links that do not seem trustworthy.