The procedure for renting a car is like booking a hotel room. However, the risk and responsibility are much greater. We will talk about the intricacies concerning car rental in Florida and tell you how to avoid unpleasant situations and unwanted expenses.

All you need for hiring a car is the passport, international driving license, credit card (not debit, but credit personal) and voucher – confirmation needed if you booked a car online.

If you rent a car abroad, you will definitely agree with the rental company, whether it is a local company or an international one. So, let’s look at the main things that you should pay attention to when choosing a car on a trip around Orlando:

Class of the car: As a rule, when you decide to rent a car from a distributor or on the site, only the class of the car is indicated, but not the exact brand. Therefore, what it is impossible to guess in advance exactly what kind of car you will be given.

The minimum age of the driver: For the rental of some cars abroad, the minimum age of the driver is set. As a rule, this is 21 years. Often, drivers aged 21-24 are considered “young” drivers and they should pay an additional charge.


Excess fee: What is Excess fee? As a rule, during the car rental, the amount of insurance is included, but not on the full amount. The amount that is not covered by the insurance policy and which you will need to pay in case of damage to the car – this is the Excess fee. Depending on where your car rental office and a car you rent, the Excess fee can range from $300. Sometimes the amount comes to 2000 euros and above. In this case, it is better, of course, to issue additional insurance (it guarantees the return of the Excess fee). You can do this either when you receive a car or book.

Pledge: The amount you leave as a guarantee, firstly, is for the return of the car, and secondly, the fact that in the event of damage of the car you will pay for its repair. Also, the deposit can be used if you took a car with a full tank, and returned with an empty one. The amount of the pledge, usually, is specified in advance.

The functionality of the car: If you travel with a child – check the availability of a child seat. Look at the luggage space – it should be roomy and comfortable. Be sure to take the rental car with a navigator (if possible), and air conditioning, as well as climate control.


The mileage: If you are going to travel the country along and across, the limited mileage will not be profitable for you. Often, low cost of cars caused by a limited number of “free” kilometers, and for additional it is necessary to pay.

Departure to other countries: If you plan to travel outside the country, please specify which countries you can go to and which countries you cannot. In some cases, for departure to another country an additional payment is a must.

Allowed roads: When renting a car abroad in a lease agreement, it will be written down which roads you can drive. Perhaps riding on country roads will be banned. If you damage the car while driving on forbidden roads, the insurance in this case will not function. Be careful if you want to rent a car in Orlando and in any part of the world in general!