Camo gear is a fun way to show off your love of the outdoors, and what could be a better pattern to surround your little one with? Camo crib bedding is a bit tongue in cheek, but ultimately a great addition to any cabin decor! Owning a cabin is a great way to leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind and get away from it all. Everyday life has become quite stressful and visiting a weekend cabin is the perfect way to recharge one’s batteries. A visit to the country makes a family weekend an adventure!


Decorating a child’s nursery is a time when whimsy can take over. When you are creating a room for your infant it is very popular to choose a theme and stick with it. There are many possibilities for murals painted directly onto the walls, mobiles hung over the crib, can accessories to tie it all together. Start with the crib bedding and work out from there. You will need complementary paint colors or a wallpaper for the walls. Accent walls call also be a nice touch. Area rugs allow you to easily make changes to the overall design as the child grows older. Trading out one themed area rug is a much simpler proposition than recarpeting an entire room. Shelves are also a good touch and will allow you to accessorize as the theme of the room is altered to fit your child’s stages in life.


Camo is becoming more and more popular in clothing as well as home accents and design. The olive green makes it a soothing choice for a nursery and it pairs well with other accent colors. Consider camo crib bedding coupled with an olive green accent wall and netting draped over the ceiling. Woodsy accents complement the overall theme and can add a touch of softness to the look of the room. Orange is a complementary color that will add vibrancy to the nursery through accent pieces such as rocking chair cushions and pillows.


Cabin decor can mean many different things to different people, but one thing is certain, having a cabin is a great opportunity to have some fun with design! Whether you choose a theme around wildlife with chandeliers crafted from antlers and elk lamps or go the kitschy route with a duck theme, the possibilities are endless. Deep earthy colors such as mossy greens and wine-hued burgundies add a richness to any home decor. Cabin decor can be less traditional than that of your main home, and creating the cabin design that fits your family can be a lot of fun!

Decorating your cabin is an opportunity to branch out and try some new themes and styles!