Chicago home automation provides many benefits, including safety, convenience, savings, control, comfort, and peace of mind. Let’s take a closer look at each of these home automation benefits.


Many Chicago home automation systems include a smart thermostat and smart light bulbs, which reduce energy use. Some people install smart water meters that help consumers understand when, where, and how much water is being used on a daily basis.


Home automation increases safety by giving you the ability to control lighting and small appliances with the touch of a button. By glancing at your smartphone, you can ensure that your oven has been turned off or that your daughter’s curling iron was powered off. Automated door locks are another amazing safety feature. If you’re like most people, you’ve sometimes wondered if you remembered to lock the door after you left for work. Now, you can ensure that your home is secure by using a mobile application on your phone or tablet.


Home automation systems automatically perform rote tasks, making your life much easier. Even better, many smart devices are compatible with each other, giving you increased control. For example, you can set your home lights to automatically turn on when your smart lock unlocks your front door.


Your Chicago home automation system may include a smart hub, which lets you control multiple devices from a single unit.  It can be quite overwhelming to try to control every single smart device at once, so it’s recommended that you take some time to consider your usual habits and activities. Once you’ve determined the most-used devices in your home, you can look for a solution that lets you control these devices simultaneously.


Smart devices were built with comfort in mind. You can set up an automatic music playlist that starts when your alarm goes off in the morning, helping you prepare for the day. Most media devices have a compatible smartphone application that lets you control the devices from the comfort of your couch. Plus, many smart devices help you create a comfortable ambiance. Intelligent and adaptive lighting, temperature, and sound technology let you create an inviting ambiance that changes based on the occasion. For example, you can program lights to dim and the air conditioner to turn on when it’s time to sleep at night.

Peace of Mind

Check on your little one by watching the camera on your smart baby monitor from your tablet or cell phone. Or, double-check that you closed the garage door by pulling up your remote door monitor app on your smartphone.